Day 124-31 Day Blog Challenge

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Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is to state 20 facts about myself. Good grief! I’m lucky if I can name 5! A little encouragement from my friend Stephanie has me feeling hopeful however, so here goes nothing!


  1. I’m 4’9″- that didn’t stop me from serving in the Army for 4 1/2 years (not as a tunnel rat either!)
  2. I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi
  3. I’m a Pisces-no wonder I love to be by the water, and my favorite sea creature is the dolphin.
  4. I have 1 tattoo-take a wild guess what it is 😉
  5. I have four half sisters and one brother. (same Mom different Dads)
  6. I’ve had three children, all boys, all by C-section (refer to fact #1)
  7. I quit smoking two years ago and took up vaping instead-they say its safer, ask me in another 20 years (hopefully I’ll still be here to ask)
  8. I have PKD- (poly-cystic kidney disease)- so far I’m symptom free even though I have too many cysts to count on my kidneys, my function is good and lab tests clean
  9. I have lived in four states, Ms, N. Carolina, California and Texas (not counting where all I went in the Army)
  10. I’m an Army vet and served in four states and had one overseas duty-  Ala., Tx, Co, Ca, back to Tx then Korea, again back to Tx (I love this state)
  11. I used to be a singer, still love to sing (I was in a few garage bands and was at one time a member of The Sweet Adelines barbershop group)
  12. I love animals, specifically my two fur babies Whiskey & Brandy my two Shorkies
  13. I use a lot of coconut products, oil, coconut, flour, aminos, flakes, chips whatever!!
  14. I love coffee, but only drink one cup a day (most days)
  15. I make jewelry and other crafts- when I have time
  16. I’m a voracious reader
  17. I’m a shoe FREAK!!
  18. I like scary movies, medical dramas and game shows
  19. I’m addicted to my iPad, iPhone and love to play games when I’m not busy writing
  20. I’m strong in my faith and attend a Methodist church (most Sundays)

Weel, would ya look at that, I actually did come up with 20! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with (those that are taking up the challenge)!

I will see you tomorrow with question number three, till then, stay warm and dry- cuddle up with a nice book and something hot to drink…I think you’re gonna need it! Brrr! I know we will!


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  1. I shoulda said I have a tattoo………I forgot. Yes, it IS possible to forget about a tattoo..mine is on my right shoulder blade…….where’s yours? LOL

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