Day 125- 31 Day Blog Challenge

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img_0637  The 3rd day of this here challenge says to explain the meaning of your business name. I’m not sure what that means, unless they are talking about the name of my blog, so, if that’s the case:  Kimmy’s Patio is the name I gave my blog because we had just finished creating and decorating the patio at my new home and I thought, here’s a place my friends and family can gather and talk about whatever we want.  I was concerned about it being a comfortable spot for us all to hang out and enjoy the time with each other, have a drink and a smoke (or a vape) and just shoot the bull or whatever we wanted. I’d had patios in the past that were just a table and 4 chairs… I wanted this to seat as many people as possible for the small space. I thought we achieved that and was excited about the design and how my family and I had decorated it.

So…in deciding what to call my new blog and what the content would be, I thought I would like my fellow bloggers to enjoy the same privilege. That is why I created a multi-topic blog where my readers had a place they felt comfortable talking about anything.  Secondly, I wanted to convey the idea that my “patio” is an place in my mind-I don’t really have to be on the patio, necessarily, to get my point across or share my thoughts and feelings. I hope I’ve been successful in conveying that message and that you all feel comfortable sharing with me.

I feel blessed by the friends I have made here and the following I  have enjoyed so far in the short time this blog has been up. I encourage you all to take up this challenge, it will go a long way in helping us all get to know each other a little better by sharing bits and pieces of our lives with each other. It’s not to late to take the 31 Day Challenge– come on and join in the fun! I’ll see you all tomorrow for day number 4…or later with other thoughts that may come to my silly head. I look forward to hearing more about all of you- stay safe, warm and dry!


8 Replies to “Day 125- 31 Day Blog Challenge”

  1. I really like this challenge. Finding a blog name was difficult for me, your’s is perfect. I always like to quietly stop by and see what you are up too. I should have started this with you, more secrets would get out.

  2. your patio is the same lovely place as my is a place to hang out and just BE…so interesting to see all the connections we have in common. Each time you blog I find myself nodding (yes, that’s it exactly!) or smiling…and you once (don’t do it again woman!) made me snort coffee due to insane laughing.

    1. Lol!! Your comment had me-AND my hubby chortling (that’s a word right?) and smiling from ear to ear! It makes me so happy that you enjoy reading my blog…I certainly enjoy yours!

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