Day 128- 31 Day Blog Challenge-( Day 6 )

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Ok folks, number six in this here countdown is to tell your readers about three personality traits you are the most proud of:

I guess compassion would have to be at the top of that list, or else I wouldn’t be in the business I am in and have been in, most of my life. I care for people and actually went into the medical field early on, my first jobs being in nursing homes when I was still a kid. I always knew I wanted to be in the field (I used to want to be a nurse, until I realized I don’t like seeing blood) and joined VHOE when I was in high school. Vocational health occupations education is what gave me the training and the idea to work in a nursing home, my first job came when I was just 16.  There was a second one I worked at before I graduated high school and then joined the Army.  I got further training there, first as a combat medic and later as a lab technician. I’ve always had a tender heart and it has been my life’s work to help my fellow man. Some people think I care too much and it may be the root of some of my guilt complexes, still, it’s what I do. Even after retiring from the job I had in the lab at the Cancer treatment center I worked at, I helped take care of my mother when she was sick, I help my dad when he needs me and I work with Stephanie as a caregiver today. My husband has always been supportive of my career choices until I mentioned working in hospice, that’s when he drew the line.

I am honest…to the point it gets me in trouble. Can’t keep my big mouth shut and blurt out the first thing that pops in my head sometimes. If I found money on the ground, I would try to find the rightful owner-unless its a small amount and there’s no one around. You know what I mean. Once, I worked a night in a club with my best friend to help her big brother out (he was the manager). We were filling in for some waitresses that called in sick, and as I made my way to a table, I noticed a large roll of money on the floor. I took it to Kent, he found the rightful owner and at the end of the night, he rewarded me for my honesty with a tip. My parents taught us the morals and codes we live by to this day, and I’m proud to say I tell the truth 99% of the time.

I’m also highly adaptable and can get used to whatever situation I’m thrown into. I guess this comes from years of moving around, first in my civilian life and then again in the military. Before I joined the Army, we had moved as a family four or five times, living in three different states. Since I’ve been married, we have moved 7 or 8 times, I’ve lost count, lol- not to mention, we’ve renovated or remodeled every single house or apartment we’ve lived in. I guess you could say I thrive on chaos and that has helped me become more adaptable as a person. That doesn’t mean I don’t like order and neatness, I do. I function better with a schedule and some say I’m a bit anal when it comes to having things in their place, however, that’s when I finally get them organized. My only complaint about being in a constant state of remodel is that we never get to stay in one place long enough to hang pictures and art on the walls, but I aim to change that this time!

Well, those are my top three and I can’t wait to hear from you guys on what makes you tick. By the way, I’m going to attempt to insert the pictures into last night’s post about the kitchen update, so go back and check that one out later, will ya? It’s going to be a balmy 50 degrees today, maybe I can get out and run some errands later-if not, there’s always tomorrow, right? For now, it’s time for coffee and my tummy’s growling so I’ll catch you on the flip flop, see ya later good buddy and all that rot! Wait, what just happened there? Anyway, y’all have a fun time with the challenge, stay warm and dry wherever you are and come back tomorrow for day 7 of the challenge. (my 10 favorite foods) See you then! 😉


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  1. I care too much for people too, it gets me in trouble sometimes…like I asked a Prostitute home for tea one day….she looked at me like I was nuts and asked me “You do know what I do don’t you?? I said “Yes, but it’s cold out and you look like you need a hot cup of tea”! she refused… I wear my heart on my sleeve and was also brought up with “Good Morals” … I saw an old lady laying on her sidewalk one just didn’t look right, turned out she had been there quite a while before we stopped, she broke her shoulder, we got her a blanket, called an ambulance ect.. about a week later I stopped by with some homemade soup, she thought I wanted something and almost slammed the door in my face, I basically shoved the tupperware at her before she closed the door, I stammered I” just wanted to bring you this soup!”. That’s the kind of person I am…but I’ve ran into people who have taken advantage of my/our kindness (hubby too), I’ve tried to harden my shell but It’s just who I am….just like you! Hospice work would kill me, I cry just watching commercials! ((hugs)) T.

    1. Oh my goodness! You sound like a young version of me, when I was more idealistic. Today, I don’t think I could do any of those things you did! You are brave as well as kindhearted! You be careful girl! People aren’t like they used to be.
      Don’t change though, and don’t worry…I cry at commercials too!

  2. I never thought about character traits in relation to myself. Your your three were good. I guess I’d label myself loving, honest, and dependable. Where is a list when you need one?

  3. I think you would probably do well in a hospice setting. It takes compassionate people to do the job, but it is extremely rewarding. Off to see the kitchen pics!

    1. They finally worked (after I retook them with my phone, lol) and thank you for the kind words! The hubs thinks that a hospice setting would cause my depression to return and does not think I should subject myself to that. I agree to a certain extent because I tend to get too close to my patients. Personally, I think I could handle it but might wait until later in my life. My plate is pretty full right now.

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