Day 130-31 Day Blog Challenge-Day 8

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I should have thought ahead to today’s post and what would be required of me. As it is, I had to vacate my home in a hurry last night because of the fumes from the staining and the laquering of the new cabinets. Therefore, I didn’t know I was supposed to show an old picture of myself. On top of that, I spent all day at the Dr with my Dad yesterday, first he had a four hour stress test, after which we went and had lunch and got to play pool at his house for only an hour, instead of our usual three. In our hurry to leave the threat on our health, I didn’t have Dave grab my laptop and couldn’t publish my story for 100 Naked Words on Medium last night. Now, I’ll have to write the editor and apologize for missing a day. Our weather turned for the worse last night and I woke up this morning hardly able to breathe through my nose and my eyes feel swollen and watery. Wether from the fumes or the cold snap and high winds I don’t know. I just know I don’t have time to get sick! Had I known it was going to be a four hour stress test, I would have taken my laptop with me and got lots of writing done. Ugh! Anyway, you’ll have to settle for the oldest pic I can find on this here iPad for now. I hope you all have a better day than I’m going to, its 33 degrees with gusty winds in the 20-25 mph range, which makes it feel like it’s in the teens…have I mentioned I HATE COLD!!! I’m out of place (we stayed at Dave’s moms house last night), out of sorts and feeling miserable doesn’t help. 

(Pic from just before my 50 birthday-they surprised me with a party after we left the restaurant) I’ll be turning 56 in March of 2017

Ok, enough whining, have a good day everyone and I hope to repost later with a proper old pic of myself. I’m about to figure out where all my stuff is, fight with the dogs to be quiet when we get up and try to get on with my day…there I go whining again. Jeez! I need some coffee-stay warm and I’ll see y’all later…on the patio! ☃️

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  1. Sounds like the fumes got to you, that’s what smelling perfume’s and anything chemical does to me…take an antihistamine…then drink your coffee! Zoom, Zoom….! Bundle up, I know I had to put another blanket on my poor old bird tonight! and my hands are getting cold typing so…good nite! We have a snow storm coming tonight! Brrrr…..

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