Day 132-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 10)

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Jan Micheal in better days
Jan Micheal in better days

I guess my first celebrity crush was Jan Micheal Vincent when he was on the Banana Splits Show, in a segment called Danger Island. I had always been a bit boy crazy and he was just so darn cute!! Of course, he was just a boy himself on the show-I don’t think he even had muscles yet, just that beautiful blonde hair and tanned skin and handsome face did it for me.  It’s too bad that stardom ruined his life…have you seen him lately?


The celebrity has almost done him in
The wild lifestyle has almost done him in

I can’t wait to see who y’all have picked, please do a before and after so we can see where they all are now. It would be interesting to see how each of the celebrities faired the lifestyle they chose, whether they drank all the money away or behaved and therefore aged gracefully.  See you later-on the patio! 

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  1. Had to be Patrick Swayze! I can remember being 15, and I was supposed to go out with my cousin and for some reason she called me not able to pick me up so I got melancholy. My parents were supposed to go out that night, and I told my mom there is no reason for her to cancel plans. Just take me to Blockbuster and I will get a movie and some junk food! I had already seen Dirty Dancing and it was my favorite, so I got it again and I lb. chocolate M&Ms, some Dr Pepper! I sat on the living room floor, and watched it over and over 4 times I think. I woke up to a big zit on my face, LOL! I had posters of him all over my wall! He lost his life Sep 14, 2009 at the age of 57 due to pancreatic cancer:(

  2. I had a crush on either Chet Huntley or David Brinkley. I can’t even remember which one now! We didn’t have many choices of TV shows, but my dad usually watched the evening news. I may have had a crush on a much older man, but I married a contemporary and have not regretted it.

  3. I had a poster of Lief Garrett and Shaun Cassidy…..have no idea what they look like today, I guess I should look them up and see..but it may ruin my old crush!!

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