Day 134-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 12)

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Wow! I have actually thought about this one a lot before, because we play it from time to time.  If I won the lottery…..

Depending on how much I won of course, I would pack up and move to my favorite place, Port Aransas. If my family did not want to come with, and live in my fine mansion with me, I would buy my dad a new house, cause his is falling apart.  On second thought, no I wouldn’t, cause then I couldn’t take care of him, so he’d have to come with me. I’d secure him his own place close to me, get him all new doctors and fix him up with a new car.  I’d get my brother a new car too, his Bronco is on its last leg, even if he doesn’t think so.

My hubby and I would by a fine mansion and bring all our kids together in it. We would buy a fishing boat, he would get his captain’s license so he could take people out to deep sea fish. He would have a big boobed bartender and I would have a masseuse named Hanz. We’d be ever so happy! When we weren’t out to sea, I’d be busy decorating my fine mansion with beautiful things I’d find in all of Port Aransas wonderful shops.  I’d keep writing, and I’d have all the time in the world because I’d have someone to clean my fine house and keep the grounds neat and tidy.

The mansion would be so big, each of the kids and their wives or girlfriends would have their own wings of it, so we wouldn’t bother each other. We’d have family dinners on Sunday, of course, and they would be welcome to join us whenever they wanted. Of course, they would still have jobs to go to, families to raise, I’m just providing the roof over their heads, that’s all.

Of course, I’d support my favorite charities and on days when I wasn’t busy writing, shopping or otherwise busy, I’d volunteer somewhere like the local hospital, rocking babies in the nursery.

My hubby and I would also have the best doctors to keep us in good health and a chef to make us healthy, delicious food. His mom and brother and sister-in-law could come live with us too, if they wanted, but I bet only his brother would come. They always join us for our vacations as does my friend Michelle, so of course, she would be there too. She would have her own house close to ours and then we’d all be one, big happy commune, whiling the days away on the beach or the boat, happy as clams in our new paradise.

That’s what I dream of, what is your idea for paradise if money was no object? I can’t wait to hear your tales, now that I’ve described my pretend life in lala land. Do you want to do something for yourself, for others or both? It’s a hard thing to imagine isn’t it? Having enough money for all your dreams to come true. I have to stop thinking about it now, next thing you know, I’ll be giving all my money away! The guilt will get to me and I’ll change my story so, I’m out…see you when you comment or share your stories! More to come tomorrow on the patio!




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  1. If we won the lottery we’d buy a piece of property on Sproat Lake, build a nice big rancher style house, with chickens, have a big travel bus/w vehicle in tow, and when not at the lake we’d travel around and park our Trailer and live in various different places. I’d of course have a housekeeper, have a small house for my brother and his wife…he can be the grounds keeper! I’d pay off my other brothers house and buy them a place out here instead of Alberta (where it’s currently 40 below zero), I’d take my closest and dearest friends and female family members on a cruise and put my Great nieces and nephews through college! I think by then I’d be out of money… 🙂

    1. Depends on how much you won. It’s hard to fathom 3 million dollars and how far that would take you, unless each thing you bought was a million dollars. I like your idea, I’ve always thought going around the world in travel trailers would be fun. I’ve only been to or lived in 9 or 10 states. I’d love to visit more before I die.

  2. I laughed when thinking of what we would do. We have never bought a lottery ticket and never plan to. One time, a few years ago, John was given a gift of several little things. I wish you could have seen the look of disgust that crossed his face when he found one of the gifts was a lottery ticket!

    I have a horror of gambling that wells up inside me whenever I think of it. It’s probably a disease, much like being an addictive gambler. If I went to Las Vegas, I don’t think I’d be tempted to use a penny slot machine. A nickel? Forget it!

    That said, we have been very blessed with the things God has provided for us. We’ve been through hard times and easy times, and always the Lord provided. It is a fun exercise, though, to think of all the wonderful things you could do if you were handed a ton of money. Dream big!

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