Day 136-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day14)

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Ha ha, this one will be fun! First off, I don’t call it a handbag, I call it a purse! What is in it is a mish mosh of various items, most of which I don’t need, but carry, just in case. The most important item in my “handbag” is my wallet. Not cause there’s ever much cash in it mind you, all my credit cards, debit card and insurance benefits cards are in there though. I really don’t carry many credit cards, just my Sam’s MC and my bank’s debit card, followed by my card to New York & Co…the only place I can buy jeans straight off the rack with no hemming needed.

The next item is my e-cig, it goes wherever I do, as I am very attached. The “juice” it requires is in there too, in case I run out while out and about. In fact, it needs filling this very moment, and as I am running very late, I’ll go handle that and see y’all in a minute.

Okay, I’m back, happily puffing away on some blueberry ice cream, this week’s chosen flavor. Next item is my makeup bag, which is funny, cause I never need anything out of it but my lipstick…for those much needed touch ups after eating ya know. Why I carry 3-4 of them, eyeliner and a mirror are anyone’s guess, a girl just needs to be ready for whatever though!

Gotta have my gum too, I chew at least 2, sometimes three pieces a day, to calm my nerves, freshen my breath and keep me from munching on unnecessary snacks. I sometimes carry a small bag of nuts, just in case I find myself starving with no chance of grabbing a quick meal.

I also have a pick, for quick hair fixes if necessary, coupons, (like I ever remember to use them), eye drops, since I wear one contact-they sometimes get dry, and kleenex…especially right now while I fight this head cold, hay fever or whatever I’ve got this week.

The rest is filler junk I can’t even recall right now. Honestly, I could get away with a much smaller purse, but I’m sure I need EVERYTHING that’s in there at one time or another.

Since I’m running late, I’d better get going- I have two appointments to deal with today and I was up all night, sick at my stomach (something I ate I’m sure) and slept in a little bit too long this morning. Taking Dad to his follow-up with the heart dr to get the results of last week’s stress test. We’ll do lunch after and then I have to get back and go with Dave to his second appointment, this one to hear the surgical pros and cons from the next oncologist. I feel much better after yesterday’s talk with the radiology oncologist, as that sounds like a much more viable option for him, but we shall see.

I may have forgot to mention, I’m unsure with the way my mind has been working…or not, this week, but Dave has been diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer- something very curable and we aim to do just that. Keep him in your prayers, we still have a ways to go, but he will likely start treatment next year- January probably. He wants to nip it in the bud, understandably, but the dr said it was very slow growing, so we don’t have to rush. Still, I would feel the same way I’m sure, and we are just trying to become as informed as possible about all of the treatment options available. The cancer center he has been sent to, uses all the latest technology, robotics and has the best doctors and surgeons in the area. so I’m very comfortable with the level of care he will be getting.

All I can say is thank God he has insurance, the price of treatment, either way, is high and I feel for those people who can’t afford it. I hope that’s one of the things our new president elect shall work on when he takes over.

Off I go, y’all have a wonderful day, stay warm and dry, I’ll see you tomorrow for day 15, when we discuss the timeline of my day. Later peeps!

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  1. I don’t carry a purse, can never find anything in it! I thought that was what pockets are for?? but I do carry my wallet…..a small version of a purse!
    I hope all goes well with Dave, Both my hubby and I had to do the Colon test and each of us had polyps..luckily they were benign …..I’m glad they caught it early! Take care of each other! 🙂

  2. I used to call my carry bag a purse, but New York taught me to say pocketbook. I often leave it at home now. Jeans pockets accommodate the toy camera, cell phone, and wallet. Those are the bare essentials.

    I’m praying for Dave today. My husband had an aggressive form of prostate cancer, had radiation, and now goes for regular checkups. It’s great that you are checking out all the options.

    1. Thank you Anne, I appreciate all of your prayers and I’m glad your hubby is better! Like the dr said, the only “C” word we are concentrating on is “cure”!

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