Day 137-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 15)

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Today we are supposed to discuss the timeline of my day. Well, again, I’ve posted this previously and it depends on what day it is. Thursdays, which is today, I start by waking, then if its bath day (every other day, so I don’t overdraw my skin and hair) I either bathe or hop in the shower. Somewhere between dressing and getting my coffee, I make the bed. I never leave the house without making the bed and washing up any dishes in the sink. Those two things at least will be done when I get home.

Since beginning my daily writing habit, I come in the office, once I’m dressed for work, and write my blog and my post of 100 Naked Words on Medium. Any other writing for the day has to wait until I get home, unless I get up very early. Tuesdays, I get more writing done, since that day is slated for that purpose.

Once my writing is done for the morning, I eat a light breakfast, go brush my teeth and put my lips on. By now, I’ve taken most of my meds, but sometimes I take my probiotic and use my nose spray (if my allergies or a cold is bothering me, like today 🙁 ), and then I fix my water and gather my things to go take care of Miss Stephanie. As most of you know, I’m a caregiver to her-my part-time job, and I do that on M-Th-F.

Sometimes I have time to throw a load of laundry in, but as I’m caught up today, I’ll put the puppies in the pool room with a treat and their water, then head off to work. Today is usually the day Miss Stephanie has her walking therapy with PT Cindy, however, today she is being fitted (molded) for her new wheelchair! Yea! This is an exciting day for her and long overdue. She has lost some weight, therefore, she needs a more custom fit to keep her snugly and comfortably in her chair.

After work, I run any needed errands before coming home and tending to whatever housework is still needed, water the plants, get the mail and either prep for dinner or head back into the office to write some more. Since our kitchen is still out of sorts, David cooked a bunch of meat & potatoes on the grill the other night, so all we have to do is add a salad and we have dinner. I never thought eating out would get tiresome, but it has. (and expensive!!)

After dinner, I have to guiltily admit, we settle in on the couch for tv watching, however, I do play games, catch up on Facebook and sometimes write MORE, while watching tv (all on my iPad). Usually this goes on till 10pm and then I brush my teeth, take my meds and settle into bed for as much reading as I can before my eyes start to close. This, after I write in my 5-year sentence journal, another daily habit of mine.

I’m sure I haven’t accounted for every single minute, and some things are different when the weather is better. Like, after work, if the weather is nice, I would try to fi in a walk-either alone or with the pups. I can’t wait to hear how y’all go about your days. Time to go eat, so I’ll see you all tomorrow-stay warm and dry!

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  1. That was fun to read about your average day. My days starts the same six days a week — alarm, pills, walk to the creek, breakfast, shower, email. After that, it’s anybody’s guess. I love retirement! No day has to be the same.

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