Day 138-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 16)

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I never really thought about a “dream” job…I just went to work. I only knew I wanted to help people, and that is what I’ve done. Now, dream “location”, THAT I’ve thought about. That being said, if I was to consider my dream job, back in the days when I was a phlebotomist, I only thought about making more money and working less time. What I really wanted was to have finished school, specialized in a particular area in the lab, and then I would have been licensed, therefore, I would have been making big bucks.

Then I considered becoming a copywriter because I was lured in by ads claiming I could make thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time each week. Well, that turned out to be a scam, however, I did learn to become a writer, and I think loving what you do is more important than chasing the money. Of course, I have the luxury of thinking that, because my husband provides for me and I’m not forced to make my own living…if I was cold or starving, I’d have secured a real job and taken care of business.

I really love the job I have right now, I work with a sweet lady, part time, I make a little money, but I’m helping someone, and that is more important.

Now if I was to consider my dream job, all I can think about is how lovely it would be to be able to rock sweet babies in a nursery a few hours a day, and then give them back to their mommies and go home to write or otherwise do what I please. Of course, there is no such job like that, so, it really is just a dream. But if there was…

The only other thing I can think of (and it’s really early, I’m sleep deprived, therefore, I’m not thinking real well right now) is how nice it would be to have my dream house, and be able to sit out on my balcony, writing, with the sound of the waves in the background. That would be my happy place. Of course, I don’t live by the ocean anymore, so that’s another dream…

What is your dream job? I can’t wait to hear it! I’ll be waiting with baited breath…on the patio! 🙂

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  1. I have my dream job now — retirement!!!! I cook, and John cleans up the kitchen. We both spend lots of time with our computers and both avoid dusting and vacuuming. It works for us.

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