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I got to see something remarkable this past Thursday. See, it’s been time for Miss Stephanie, the lady I’m a caregiver to, to get a new wheelchair. So, Thursday the guys that are the specialists in molding custom backs for wheelchairs came out and got to work on just that. It was such an interesting process, I asked Stephanie if she minded me taking a few pics.

Checking Stephanie's position while in her old chair
Checking Stephanie’s position while in her old chair

First, they had to take measurements and take into account the way she sits in her chair. Since she has lost weight and has had some progression of her disease, she was not comfortable and needs more support to sit straighter and slightly tilted in her chair.  Once they figured for all of that, it was time for the next step. (She was such a trooper through it all!)

Molding the back with special foam material
Molding the back with special foam material

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Next, they took a special foam material and placed a plastic bag around it, which they then removed all the air from. Once they got the shape right, as long as no holes get poked in the bag, the foam holds its shape, making it ready for the last step. (Check out those long legs of hers!)

Preparing the mold for casting
Preparing the mold for casting

The last step is to put casting material on the molded back, just like getting a cast put on a broken bone. It then hardens,  and this is what is used to make the actual back for the chair. Unfortunately, I had to leave and didn’t get to see the finished product, but the new back should be ready in about three months.

I will keep you posted on how all that progresses and I’m as exited as Stephanie to see the new chair. Someone who spends 80% of their day in the chair, needs it to be comfortable and protect them from skin breakdowns. The technology is amazing, although the process is still slow, as it has to go through all the proper channels.

I just wanted to share what I thought was a very interesting day indeed! It was neat to be a witness to the process and meet the technicians who make it all possible. God bless people like them, who advocate for the patients/clients needs. Stephanie is such a special person, she deserves the best!

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    1. Thanks, I wanted everyone to see a little bit of what she goes through, not to mention the process it takes to get something done which , in my mind, should be so much quicker. Am I wrong in my thinking she shouldn’t have to pull teeth just to get a service like an adjustment to her wheelchair done in a timely manner? This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the insurance nightmares she deals with. I really feel for her, but she faces every day with a smile and has such a kind, caring spirit.

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