Day141-31 Day Blog Challenge-(day19)

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Uh Oh…now you’re really gonna get to know me! Today we have to tell you guys our worst habits!

Well, most of you know that I vape, I’ve discussed it here before. But for those of you who don’t know, or don’t understand what vaping is; I gave up smoking about 3 years ago and switched to an electronic vapor system. It looks like this:

My e-cig vapor system
My e-cig vapor system

Anyway, by making the switch, I got rid of lots of the nasty chemicals and by-products of cigarettes-tobacco and the paper it is packed into are where the bad stuff is, however, even though I’m technically inhaling flavored “juice”, there is still a small amount of nicotine in there, so although it’s a much safer alternative than smoking, it’s still a bad habit, and one I’ll quit someday.

One of my other bad habits is nagging. Yeah, well- I’m a mom…kinda goes with the territory!

And finally; I like to drink. There, I said it…and let me just admit it here right now-it increases during the holidays and then goes back to a reasonable amount after New Years is over. My favorite adult beverage is margaritas, however, I like a nice cabernet for sipping after supper while hanging around the house. When I’m on track and not cheating like a maniac, I have a glass of wine once or twice a week, because that is allowed and is actually good for your heart…as is very dark chocolate (occasionally)!

So that’s it, thats all I can think of at the moment-what are yours? I can’t wait to hear them, so I don’t feel so bad about mine…just kidding!

I’ve got to go brave the cold now and go to work. It is a bone chilling 19 degrees here this morning and I’ll admit, I’d rather still be under the covers :\ ! So I’ll see you all later on or tomorrow, but not on the patio!! 😬❄🤧