Day 145-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 23)

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What is your pet peeve? Hmmmm, well, let’s see.

People who don’t pay attention while on the road is a big one! Or maybe that’s just a constant complaint of mine, don’t know. Stop texting, eating, reading or doing your nails for God’s sake and just drive! If you don’t want to follow the rules, get off the road. And if you are too old to be driving….same goes for you.

People who know me know that I’m a little anal retentive so they are all aware that one of my biggest pet peeves is putting the clean dishes on the wrong side of the sink! In fact, it’s kind of a family joke now. Even the in-laws tease me about it.

People who show up to a gathering and not only do not bring their chosen beverage, but help themselves to yours, is another. My brother has gone so far as to go get the wine from my dad’s house and bring it with him! C’mon man!

One more, don’t put anything empty back in the cabinets or refrigerator! Grrrrr. That is all.

What gets your goat? I’d love to hear it- you know what to do, just comment below or shoot me an email if you don’t want anyone else to know, lol! (I hope my brother doesn’t read this particular blog, lol) Have a good day everybody…it’s almost Christmas!!


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  1. The dish thing drives me nuts, especially if a glass with milk is not fully rinsed out! or Knives are put in the sink…(I despise doing dishes in the first place) and I don’t have a dish washer… then there’s blobs of toothpaste in the sink..for Pete’s sake clean it up!! I used to be pretty anal OCD, but I found out that’s life’s too short to bitch about most things that drive me nuts! I’ve mellowed in age! lol…

  2. I learned a couple of new things about you Kim. I did not know about the peeve concerning the dishes! When I was 21 and lived on my own in OK my progression was where I could do more, and my job was to clean the dishes and the kitchen after the meal while my roommate did the cooking. You sound just like me, I was very anal where the dishes went. Her boyfriend was the worst when he would come over, LOL! I did not know about the beverage thing. I always have had something from your house when I go, woops! Or do you mean alcoholic beverage?

    My biggest pet peeve is when someone that I am not close with sends me a Christmas card and write nothing on the card, ugh! No kiss my butt, I am living in a van down by the river or anything! Drives me crazy! Now I know it is the thought that counts that you bet your bottom dollar that even though my disability does not let me write legible at all or type easily at all I will be sure to say something on my computer (God love VD = Voice Dictation, LOL)! I did not send out a Christmas letter this year and I was not about to send peeps a bunch of cards with nothing on it, but my name! I would rather not do anything.
    Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. You are so funny!
      Yes, we share another thing in common with the whole dishes thing,lol!
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. My pet peeve is a verbal grammar mistake — hearing people say “There’s people who walk.” If you challenge them, they agree that the sentence sounds wrong if you leave out the apostrophe and say “There is people who walk.” Come on!!! There ARE people who walk.

    I’ve discovered that I am easily annoyed when I am tired. When I’m rested, I can overlook tons of things.

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