Day 150-31 day Blog Challenge-(Day 28)

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Last time I cried. Hmmm, well yesterday was a close one, but really all I did was tear up when I asked my Dad how mad was he with me. You’ll be happy to know that he was not, even though he allowed me to buy him lunch as my way of apologizing, and that I kept it together and didn’t bawl like a big baby.

So when was the last time I cried…oh yeah! I remember, it was a few weeks ago, as the doctor sat there and blatantly told us my husband has Stage 1 prostate cancer. Even that day…I mostly kept it together, the whole time he was explaining everything. Then, he got to the part about treatment options, and even though I knew how totally treatable and curable this is, I just sort of lost it. The emotions welled up as I remembered all the years I worked at the cancer treatment center in Arlington.  Just the mere thought that I could lose my husband (it was a fleeting thought), scared the crap out of me. I know that isn’t going to happen, but hey, I’m human. Cancer is a scary word, even if you know you caught it early, even if you know he will totally be cured, it matters not. You are about to fight the BEAST, and the thought is devastating.

So yeah, I cried. Just for a minute or two, then I sucked it up, stuck out my chest, and pushed it way down inside of me as I prepare myself-and him- for battle.

When was the last time for you? I hope it was something little, like how you cried while watching It’s A Wonderful Life or something.  See y’all later, I gotta get the pups to the groomers.


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  1. I do not really want to think about when the last time I really cried hard. However, when I saw the soldiers on TV that are overseas wishing their families a Merry Christmas I got emotional. Or when I saw the homeless person getting a Christmas meal I got emotional. Or the little kid in the hospital on Christmas day having Santa come by with presents I got emotional. It doesn’t take much for me!

    Glad everything worked out for you and your dad! Many prayers for the hubs!

  2. Christmas Eve, I cried for my mom, my sister, and my Grandmother and I cried about my old pup……and I’m about to cry now! ((hugs)) T.

  3. When I got the call this week saying they have a cornea for me! Cried like a baby. Sendng good thoughts your way for your husband. My dad went through prostate cancer and successfully kicked it’s bum!

    1. That gives me hope and joy! Congrats on your new cornea and good luck with the transplant! My hubby’s brother went through that twice. You will be more lucky I’m sure. 😊

  4. I cried last week when we had to give up our new puppy because she was not a good fit into our 3-cat house, but it was a continuation from when my Dad passed recently, which was a continuation from when my Mom and my beloved dog of 16 years (Mollie) passed a few years ago… Which started a few months before that when I was driving back from my uncle’s funeral in Dallas…. So it has just been 1 cry. Lasting about 4 1/2 years…. sigh

    1. Oh you poor thing! 2017 has GOT to be a better year for you! Lets’s hope and pray on that, shall we? In the meantime, go get a nice cup of that tea you like, and sit down and write about it. Maybe that will help. I hope you ring in the new year with joy, hope and love- and here’s to you finding a better fit for you and your kittys! May I suggest a Shorkie? They are wonderful (we have two as you know) and if you find the one that is more Shitzu mix with Yorkie (like our Whiskey) they are the calmer of the two. They get along with everyone, are allergy free and do not shed. What could be better than that? They are a little pricey though- $500-$700 range, so you may want to save up for a little while. 🙂

  5. oh honey. Stage one is so eminently curable. Do whatever the doc advises and your sweet hubby will be there until you both are all wrinkly and grumpy. George has stage two fifteen years ago.

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