Day 151-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 29)

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What are the top things on my bucket list?

Well, believe it or not, I want to skydive (tandem of course) but I’m still afraid at my age I might have a heart attack! And then there’s my neck problems. So….don’t know if I’ll ever get to that one.

Travel the United States or at least go to a few I’ve always dreamed of visiting. Since I’m a huge Stephen King fan, Maine is one of those states. I’ve also heard that Arkansas and Tennessee are beautiful. I’ve never seen the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Grand Canyon.

I want to go somewhere tropical like Belize, or Hawaii.  Of course, any of the islands would do…St Thomas, St John or St Croix would be my choice since that’s all of really heard others talk about other than Mexico.

I missed my shot at seeing Slipknot in concert, so there’s that.

I want to retire with my husband and move to Port Aransas or the Florida Keys or North Carolina…someplace with a beach we’d be happy!

That is all I can come up with, I know, limited imagination, inability to dream big, sorry-its all I got!

Whats on your bucket lists? Can’t wait to hear it! See y’all mañana from a very warm patio! 😎

7 Replies to “Day 151-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 29)”

  1. I want to go up in a Glider, total Silence and the chance to fly like a bird! The old man wants to go do the polar bear swim on the 1st…….I’m afraid I’d have a Heart Attack!! T.

  2. I have done many things now that I never considered on my bucket list until after the fact.

    Girl, on my bucket list as well is to skydive! We should do it together! Worried about your neck, wear a neck brace! I am sure they have some probably at this skydiving place! I would need a neck brace as well. When I was in college a friend of mine did go skydiving and she was in a power wheelchair they ended up duct taping her legs together! Where there is a will there is a way! Another thing is for me to go parasailing! I lost out on a chance to do that a couple of years ago in Jamaica. Was also like to take a hot air balloon ride! There are wheelchair accessible hot air balloons. I have seen pictures. And I could elevate to make sure I get the full view! Not really afraid of heights, although I am afraid of physically falling.

    Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. That is a great idea to do one of those things on your list together! I would love the safest of the choices, the hot air balloon ride! Some day!!!

  3. My bucket is closer to being kicked than it ever was before. I’ve done many, many things that I never dreamed I would do. I am content now and hope to stay that way as long as I live.

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