Day 152-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 30)

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Favorite comfort food? Um, you all remember I’m Paleo, right? Well, if we’re talking about since I became that way, I guess it would have to be sweet potatoes, baked on the grill and dripping with  grass-fed butter. I could eat them every day, I love em so much!

But if you’re talking about all time, before I started living the life of a cavewoman, my favorite comfort food was my mother’s roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. Of course, her fried chicken came in a close second…I have never been able to duplicate her method, my breading always fell off and burned in the pan, but hers came out golden brown and delicious and usually got paired with some mashed potatoes and gravy or some yummy mac and cheese.

Ok, hang on, I just thought of something I really miss. Does that mean it was my all time comfort food, maybe. Anyway, it’s bread. Yep, I gotta be honest here…dinner rolls, sandwiches, hamburgers, garlic bread- how do you eat spaghetti without it? Well, you learn but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. I used to love a plain old bologna sandwich with mayo, soft and delicious with some potato chips on the side. Mmmm. Or how about those sourdough buns Jack uses on that famous burger of his. Ok, I have to stop talking about this, it’s making me hungry! I long for the days I could go eat a warm waffle, dripping with syrup and butter at that place with the best coffee in the world, Waffle House.

I don’t get any of that anymore, and honestly, the breads I make with my nut flours just don’t measure up- so, I just avoid those kind of carbs in my life and try to make do and act like bread doesn’t exist. Give me a steak, salad and a sweet potato and I’m a happy girl.

So that was the long version…what are your favorite comfort foods? I will have to live vicariously through you guys, lol. For me, I’m off to eat breakfast, probably an egg or two,  plan my editorial calendar for next year and get my house ready for our New Year’s party. Have a good day everyone, I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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  1. I am not, but could be a vegetarian! I am just not a good meat eater however, that is a good source of protein so I am trying. I do not get sweet potatoes much, but I do love them! Because a couple of years ago I found out I was diabetic due to my disability and keep dropping weight so I have 2 watch what I eat even though my body has a mind of its own. I generally do not deny myself of things, just limit them! Not a big sweet eater, but I cannot pass up some peach cobbler! My great aunts chicken and dumplings! The only place that I have found to match that or try is Cracker Barrel! My adopted grandmothers cranberry relish! I have never tasted a piece of fruit that I do not like! Rolling on, Stephanie

  2. I suspect you’d have to be more specific about comfort foods. I would console a skinned knee with one thing and a broken heart with another. The greatest panacea is, of course, chocolate! Molten lava cake comes dripping with sympathy. A hard candy bar is more stoical. I would not need to take a course in applied chocolate.

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