Day 153-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 31)

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Ahhh, the last day of the challenge. I’m going to miss it, it’s been fun! Not only answering the questions but having material to write about with out having to think of subject matter. Working on next years calender so I will be more prepared…so wish me luck!

Weird quirk of mine…a peculiar trait, in other words. Hmmmmm, literally cannot think of anything. I may have to defer to the one blogger that knows me personally, and get back to you.

My Dad would say I talk too fast. That’s all I got, seriously.

Ok, I’m back after conferring with my hubby and he said, “Well, you are kinda anal about some things.” Now, I don’t know if being anal qualifies as quirky, but what he’s talking about is how once I set a place for something, unless I’m the one that moves it, I expect it to stay in said place! There’s also my dish issue-the one where I lose my mind if someone puts dirty dishes on the clean side! But that sounds a little more like a small case of OCD than quirky, does it not?

Anyway, me and my quirks, such as they are, will see all of you, bright and maybe not so early next year!! Love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Be safe and have a wonderful time tonight everyone!

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  1. My sense of humor can sometimes be characterized as quirky! I tend to laugh at myself for things I said or did. For example, the other day when talking to Kim I was telling her a story of a “scumbag!” This story was not meant to be funny, however I found that word funny to me and I could not quit laughing!! Rolling on, Stephanie

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