Day 148-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 26)


Well, it’s the day after Christmas and I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and you got to spend time with your loved ones.

Today the challenge is to name our five favorite blogs. Weel, that’s a little difficult, but here they are, in no particular order:

Obsolete Childhood– Ever since I found Suze or at Obsolete Childhood, I have been fascinated with her life and what she has to say about it! Every day I wait with baited breath to see what she will say on her own blog or in response to mine. She is hilarious while at the same time intelligent, and my heart goes out to her while reading the stories that have shaped her life. I think she was given the shitty end of the stick in some aspects of her life, yet has found a way to bounce back. Writing is obviously cathartic for her.

Mehrling Muse-I just love visiting with Anne and her family in the mountains of North Carolina. She brings you in and makes you feel like you are sitting in her kitchen with her, sipping coffee and hearing all about her life. She openly shares pictures of all of them and you feel like you know everyone.

Hearts Everywhere– Following Galina in her daily writing since I found her and her 365 Day Project has been the inspiration for my own. She has a super interesting life up in New York-(she is married to a professional clown mind you)  has been a fun rollercoaster ride of emotions and humorous anecdotes. Go check her out!

Simple Living Over 50-Here is a man who knows how to simplify and survive with little to nothing. The purpose of his blog is to share tips on living minimally and also how he deals with his type 2 diabetes. He has everything from survival tips to living a frugal life, and since I’m over 50 as well, I have learned a thing or two from following him and feel a sort of kinship with him.

Photo’s and Words of a Wandering Mind– I need a lot more time to tell you about Teresa, aka, Laybuggz than I have right now. Lets just say, she takes beautiful pictures and lives with a cute little dog who lives in pain, just like her. Go visit for yourself and see if you aren’t drawn into her world on the west coast.

I follow so many more that are equally good blogs, but these are my most frequent favorites. I have to go, so I’m going to wrap up by saying, have a wonderful day (if you aren’t too hung over with egg nog) and I’ll see you later on the patio 🙂

Christmas News and Updates

Kitchen updates-new floor, granite countertops, and backsplash
Kitchen updates-new floor, granite countertops, and backsplash


We finally got the kitchen done just in time for the Christmas Eve celebration. We had a nice time with the family, last night and then this morning.

Our card to our out of town folks
Our card to our out of town folks
This morning at my Dad's house opening our gifts
This morning at my Dad’s house opening our gifts


The rest of the day has been a lazy, do nothing relaxing kind of day. Watching movies and eating all kinds of bad-for-me stuff. Jack in the Box at lunch, lemon cake at breakfast, chocolate…I did finally eat some salad for supper, lol. I will have some work to do to undo all this debauchery!

Rayven sporting her new Christmas dress
Rayven sporting her new Christmas dress


We got this pic from Josh last night to show us how Rayven’s new dress looked on her. She didn’t like it at first but later she settled down about it.

Then, today, I got good news. I heard from the editor at VitaBella Magazine who said they were going to publish another article I wrote in their February issue, and I would be a paid for this one! What a great Christmas present! I will keep you all posted on that, it’s a true honor to be published there a second time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I’ve enjoyed reading updates from some of your celebrations as well. Too much sitting around has made me stiff and tired, I believe it will be an early night for me. Have a good night and I’ll see you all tomorrow, from a very warm and humid patio!


Day 147-31 Blog Challenge-(Day 25)


I am not one to talk about my physical features, however, if pressed, I would say my eyes are one of my best as well as my smile. I had thousands of dollars worth of work on this grill, so it better be, lol. I used to think when I was young and stupid, that I had some kind of power to attract the opposite sex just with my eyes. Boy, was I full of myself back then! Anyway, that’s all I got on that subject.

Our little tree, before all the festivities last night.
Our little tree, before all the festivities last night.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas and sharing good times with family and friends. We made our rounds and are now back home, snuggled in on the couch watching Four Christmases. At least, Whiskey and I are, lol. Dave is playing his new game which is perfectly fine…gives me time to write awhile and get my daily assignments done. I have no idea where Brandy went-he was making noise with his new drone and she just split the scene! Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all, enjoy it!!


Day 146-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 24)


Aww, why they wanna bring us down, right here on Christmas Eve?

I have already talked about the most difficult time in my life recently, so I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it here today. Besides, I don’t want to feel sad today…that being said, my difficult time, of course was my Mom passing away. And the whole month before that.

I was living in Groves, Tx. still, and came back here to be with her for the last few weeks of her life. She had developed dementia, and was not making any sense, so I couldn’t really talk to her and figure out what she was thinking and feeling. That was hard. She was in a lot of pain the last two weeks and I felt helpless to do anything to help her. Then, the last week, (all of this took place in a nursing facility close to my home now) hospice came in and started giving her morphine and said we couldn’t feed her anymore. Waiting for her to slowly die like that was excruciating, and painful and sad. Her organs had shut down, which is something that happens at the end of the disease she had, once you go off of dialysis. She spent the last few days in sort of a coma like state and when she passed away I felt relief for her that it was over, yet profoundly sad that she was really gone.

Not having her here makes the holidays sad, but I know she is in a better place, pain free and waiting for me in Heaven.

We all deal with difficult times in our life, some way we make it through. I know its sad to talk about but it helps to heal. So, let me hear about yours if you are doing this challenge or if you simply want to comment. Have a wonderful holiday with your family today, hold them close and cherish the ones your with. 🙂


Day 145-31 Day Blog Challenge-(Day 23)


What is your pet peeve? Hmmmm, well, let’s see.

People who don’t pay attention while on the road is a big one! Or maybe that’s just a constant complaint of mine, don’t know. Stop texting, eating, reading or doing your nails for God’s sake and just drive! If you don’t want to follow the rules, get off the road. And if you are too old to be driving….same goes for you.

People who know me know that I’m a little anal retentive so they are all aware that one of my biggest pet peeves is putting the clean dishes on the wrong side of the sink! In fact, it’s kind of a family joke now. Even the in-laws tease me about it.

People who show up to a gathering and not only do not bring their chosen beverage, but help themselves to yours, is another. My brother has gone so far as to go get the wine from my dad’s house and bring it with him! C’mon man!

One more, don’t put anything empty back in the cabinets or refrigerator! Grrrrr. That is all.

What gets your goat? I’d love to hear it- you know what to do, just comment below or shoot me an email if you don’t want anyone else to know, lol! (I hope my brother doesn’t read this particular blog, lol) Have a good day everybody…it’s almost Christmas!!