Day 127-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 5)


Day 5 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge asks what’s my guilty pleasure?

Well, it used to be a certain tv show-back in the days when sin and decadence wasn’t on every channel. Now that we are desensitized however, I can’t even think of the name of it, there have been so many. You know, those shows where either the sex or the violence is so  vivid and in-your-face you say to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m watching this!” Yea, that’s it. I believe it might have been Sons of Anarchy or something. Or was it American Horror Story? That’s pretty explicit as well. So, it’s a guilty pleasure because although I feel guilty watching them, I actually enjoy them. My little secret. Of course, there’s always margaritas! That one is pretty high on the list too!! 😉

What is yours? Can’t wait to read all about it folks! Bring it on, this girl wants to live vicariously through you! Stay warm, stay dry, have a great day-I’m off to venture out in the cold and see what Miss Stephanie is up to today. Oh, we get our kitchen cabinets today-Yea!! I’ll be a happy camper when I get home. Dave is staying home until they are installed to make sure it all goes smoothly.



Day 126-31 Day Blog Challenge (day 4)


I can’t remember yesterday, so this one will be a tough one for me, but seems like we were living in South Carolina at the time.

I must have been about five years old. I vaguely remember my dad entering the room and congratulating me on tying my shoes by myself. I was feeling proud. I think he was dressed nice, so maybe we were getting ready for church? Not sure, cause I can’t remember whether we even went to church yet at that time.

I don’t remember going to church until we lived in Texas.

Isn’t it strange how you can have your own memory but then someone tells you a story from your past and you wonder if you’re really remembering it yourself or just seeing it in your mind because you were told about it? I have that happen all the time.

Like the time we lived in Ocean Springs, Ms- I was told the story so many times about how I almost choked to death on a lifesaver candy (irony) while singing and swinging in the back yard, then a neighbor saw me struggling and came over and rescued me by giving me whatever method was used back then. A blow between the shoulder blades?  Anyway, now when I picture that in my mind, I think I’m remembering the incident, but am I? Or was I painted such a vivid picture that I’m just imagining the memory?

If it IS my memory, then that would be the earliest, cause I was about 3 or 4 then.

What is yours? I can’t wait to hear it! I need some good stories today, it’s a crappy, cold, rainy day-perfect for non-stop reading, (after church of course) and I hope you send me lots of material!

Time for coffee, y’all try to enjoy your day, whatever the weather. See ya later, on the patio ❄️😉☃️

Day 125- 31 Day Blog Challenge

img_0637  The 3rd day of this here challenge says to explain the meaning of your business name. I’m not sure what that means, unless they are talking about the name of my blog, so, if that’s the case:  Kimmy’s Patio is the name I gave my blog because we had just finished creating and decorating the patio at my new home and I thought, here’s a place my friends and family can gather and talk about whatever we want.  I was concerned about it being a comfortable spot for us all to hang out and enjoy the time with each other, have a drink and a smoke (or a vape) and just shoot the bull or whatever we wanted. I’d had patios in the past that were just a table and 4 chairs… I wanted this to seat as many people as possible for the small space. I thought we achieved that and was excited about the design and how my family and I had decorated it.

So…in deciding what to call my new blog and what the content would be, I thought I would like my fellow bloggers to enjoy the same privilege. That is why I created a multi-topic blog where my readers had a place they felt comfortable talking about anything.  Secondly, I wanted to convey the idea that my “patio” is an place in my mind-I don’t really have to be on the patio, necessarily, to get my point across or share my thoughts and feelings. I hope I’ve been successful in conveying that message and that you all feel comfortable sharing with me.

I feel blessed by the friends I have made here and the following I  have enjoyed so far in the short time this blog has been up. I encourage you all to take up this challenge, it will go a long way in helping us all get to know each other a little better by sharing bits and pieces of our lives with each other. It’s not to late to take the 31 Day Challenge– come on and join in the fun! I’ll see you all tomorrow for day number 4…or later with other thoughts that may come to my silly head. I look forward to hearing more about all of you- stay safe, warm and dry!


Day 124-31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge is to state 20 facts about myself. Good grief! I’m lucky if I can name 5! A little encouragement from my friend Stephanie has me feeling hopeful however, so here goes nothing!


  1. I’m 4’9″- that didn’t stop me from serving in the Army for 4 1/2 years (not as a tunnel rat either!)
  2. I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi
  3. I’m a Pisces-no wonder I love to be by the water, and my favorite sea creature is the dolphin.
  4. I have 1 tattoo-take a wild guess what it is 😉
  5. I have four half sisters and one brother. (same Mom different Dads)
  6. I’ve had three children, all boys, all by C-section (refer to fact #1)
  7. I quit smoking two years ago and took up vaping instead-they say its safer, ask me in another 20 years (hopefully I’ll still be here to ask)
  8. I have PKD- (poly-cystic kidney disease)- so far I’m symptom free even though I have too many cysts to count on my kidneys, my function is good and lab tests clean
  9. I have lived in four states, Ms, N. Carolina, California and Texas (not counting where all I went in the Army)
  10. I’m an Army vet and served in four states and had one overseas duty-  Ala., Tx, Co, Ca, back to Tx then Korea, again back to Tx (I love this state)
  11. I used to be a singer, still love to sing (I was in a few garage bands and was at one time a member of The Sweet Adelines barbershop group)
  12. I love animals, specifically my two fur babies Whiskey & Brandy my two Shorkies
  13. I use a lot of coconut products, oil, coconut, flour, aminos, flakes, chips whatever!!
  14. I love coffee, but only drink one cup a day (most days)
  15. I make jewelry and other crafts- when I have time
  16. I’m a voracious reader
  17. I’m a shoe FREAK!!
  18. I like scary movies, medical dramas and game shows
  19. I’m addicted to my iPad, iPhone and love to play games when I’m not busy writing
  20. I’m strong in my faith and attend a Methodist church (most Sundays)

Weel, would ya look at that, I actually did come up with 20! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with (those that are taking up the challenge)!

I will see you tomorrow with question number three, till then, stay warm and dry- cuddle up with a nice book and something hot to drink…I think you’re gonna need it! Brrr! I know we will!


Day 123-31 Day Blog Challenge

Brrrr, baby, it’s cold outside! If it’s in the 30’s, it’s officially cold as far as this girl is concerned! We have so much to do to get ready for the cabinets coming on Monday and the weather is going to be sucky all through the weekend. Grrrr!

I should have planned my editorial calendar last night, instead, I relaxed because NaNoWriMo was finally over, did a little crocheting while watching tv, and just figured- something will come to me.

Enter Suze who told us about the 31 Day Blog challenge!! Now I have something to write about every day, something I can sink my teeth into!! Praise the Lord I saw her post and she gave me the inspiration to join in the fun. So without further ado, here is my first entry.


Alright, for those who are new here, my name is Kim, the proprietor of this here Blog. My last name is Smyth cause, well I just had to be different right? Couldn’t marry just any old S.m.i.t.h., I had to marry a S.m.y.t.h. I happened to get lucky and find the best of the three Smyth boys (in my humble opinion) who is also my soulmate. I have three sons, Sean (from a previous relationship), Joshua and Christopher. Chris and Sean are here local and Josh is in Ohio. Here local, btw, is Ft Worth Texas-actually a suburb called North Richland Hills.

I served four and a half years in the Army in the medical field. After I got out, I continued my career as a phlebotomist, most of which was at a cancer treatment center in Arlington. I miss my job but not the stress that came with it. I was very good at what I did and am proud of the years I did it. I now work as a caregiver part-time to a special lady some of you know as Stephanie. She blogs also over at Camp Craig Allen. The rest of my time goes to my writing and my family. My hunky hubby Dave and my two adorable shorkies are my immediate family, my Dad and Sean live five minutes away and I see them at least once a week. Chris lives in Ft Worth proper and I see him whenever he isn’t on call with his new job. I haven’t seen Josh in two years but talk to him often on the phone.

Josh and his girlfriend Taylor just had a new baby girl, Rayven Star, so I am a new grandmother. I was already one to two other granddaughters that I don’t get to see. Ok, this is getting to be way more than an introduction, so I’ll finish by saying I love writing, and helping people, so blogging seemed the natural thing to do! I hope I’m helping in some small way, even if it’s just providing entertainment. Anything I might have left out that you want to know? Comment below or shoot me an email. I’ll see you tomorrow for the second day of the challenge!