Day 156-This is My Essay Tuesday-Changed My Religion (Group)

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Oh my goodness! First, before I start my essay, I have to say I’m shocked and just a little bit proud this morning. I surpassed my writing goal for the day yesterday (1700 words) and wrote a total of 1975 words! Woot! If I can manage that on a work day…

On second thought, I also got up at 5am yesterday, and today I did not. That just means I will have to work harder to get er done today-not everyday will work out perfectly, I’ll just take it one step at a time.

Ok, my idea for Tuesdays was to do an essay from one of my life experiences, kinda like Galina did last year on Hearts Everywhere blog, but not copy what she calls them, which is Life Clubs (now patented, I believe) At first I thought about Group Lessons, since they are things many of us go through, but my own take on them. Now I’m not sure, so I guess I will just write them and see what y’all think.

This is my essay for today-

I was raised in the Catholic religion. My Dad is Catholic and tried to instill the values and beliefs into my brother and I by taking us with him to church, as often as possible. I went through catechism and joined the youth group when I became old enough, and I never saw a problem with it. I loved our church and all that it stood for, and my Dad eventually joined the Knights of Columbus, but not until I was grown and married. I’m proud of him for becoming a Knight of some stature, now that he is in his early 80’s and his health is declining, he doesn’t make the meetings anymore. He does still attend church, even though he doesn’t hear as well.

When I got married, however, I learned that my husband was raised as a strict Southern Baptist. I attended the church of his grandmother, several times, but as a couple, we knew that was not what we wanted. My husband did not want to join the Catholic church either, so we compromised. We became Methodists and found a church we could both feel comfortable in. I won’t go into what we could have done or should have done when it comes to our kids, suffice it to say, they made their own decisions and are finding their own way to this day. In the very beginning, we lived in Haltom City and actually chose a Christian church, where we fell in love with our minister- Mark Fish. When he was called to serve his home church in Tennessee, we and the rest of the congregation missed him terribly, it eventually caused division in the church and we among other people, left and searched for another.

When we moved to Alvarado, some years later, we found a lovely little church lead by a charismatic minister named A.J. We found peace and joy, loved the little 100 year old church and would still be going, had we not moved again. When we made the move six years ago to Groves, down in southeast Texas, we tried several Methodist churches before we found the one that stuck. See, Methodists move their ministers around- they rotate them to other churches in an effort to reach and teach other congregations what the’ve learned about the last. Anyway, we usually find a church, fall in love with the minister, and then he gets moved. That seems to be the pattern and it’s not like we go every Sunday, but we do our best to attend frequently. The point is, we have been comfortable in the Methodist church and we hope to find one here that we both enjoy attending.

Currently, we go to United Methodist of Watauga, or at least I do, most of the time. My husband has not committed fully, and admittedly, I don’t go every Sunday. I enjoy it when I do and I have made a few friends there. Problem is, we are still undecided at the moment, that this is where we want our home church to be. If Cahill, the church in Alvarado, wasn’t so far, it would be a no brainer, but it is, so that’s out. ¬†We will find one eventually, and then I hope we can both feel comfortable and make a commitment we can live with. Until then, I will go where I am now, and I’ll take him when it’s possible. After all, church is just the place you go to fellowship, when really, if you know and love God, he lives in your heart. You can worship Him anywhere. That is our belief, and I’m sure that in time, we will find a new church home.




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  1. I did not realize that the pastors at Methodist churches moved around periodically. I grew up going to an Assembly of God church for 20 years with my grandma in OK. Then when my family moved here to Texas in 1994 I tried a few AOG churches, but it did not fit right with me. So I tried every Christian-based church I could Baptist, Church of Christ, Lutheran, Catholic, everything but Methodist!!! No reason why I did not try it, however I will go with you at some point if you do not mind to visit. I know that we have discussed it with one other before. I am currently going to a nondenominational church and have been going there for the past 10 years! I absolutely love it! My dad has been attending with me for the past 9 years!! Rolling on, Stephanie

  2. We belonged to the same Lutheran church for 50 years and are still searching for a new one after moving. There aren’t many to choose from, and most are quite a drive away. Mostly we drive 30 to 45 minutes to Asheville. I told John I’d be happy to go wherever he wanted to go as long as he did the driving.

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