Rhyme Time…Ugh Not Again!

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img_0691It’s so cold on the patio today, that I can’t go outside and play. Or work for that matter, either one, I was so looking forward to some outside fun. That’s not true, I knew what was coming, however, I know I should be outside running. Or walking, that would do me good, maybe inside the house I should. I’m really just trying to write more words, no time for exercise, hmmm look at those birds. Ok, enough of this mindless blather, I must go soak in a tub and lather. That’s a damn lie too, and you know it; I’m clean and I’m fed, I just don’t want to quit.  Writing that is, has it become an obsession? I’m thinking I’m  feeling a type of depression. Yes. That’s it, it’s because of the cold.  I know that it’s only a matter of time, before I can’t think of more words I can rhyme. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lament- on another day’s useless energy spent.

5 Replies to “Rhyme Time…Ugh Not Again!”

  1. Cute! We went out walking this morning, and it was 23 degrees. You can’t imagine how hot this house felt when we got back! It will soon feel cold again. Keep warm! Let the words flow!

  2. I feel the same way…it’s so cold outside I have to bundle up like that kid on “The Christmas Story” ! Doesn’t help my back when I have to lug a 20 lb dog down the stairs & back up every time he has to pee! lol…

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