Day 158-Throwback Thursday-Glamour Shot

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Well, here goes nothin! I’m starting this here feature today with a lovely little gem from 1994.

Me (circa 1994) and my Glamour Shot
Me (circa 1994) and my Glamour Shot

This was when I came up with the brilliant idea to have a Glamour Shot done of myself as a present to my husband for his birthday, or Christmas…memory fails. In fact, this feature will be a challenge for me because that happens a lot-memory fails, that is.

Anyhoo, Glamour Shots used to be a thing back in the 90’s and I had a self esteem problem, still do as a matter of fact, and I just wanted to feel pretty and give him a picture of me when I was pretty…so, now he has that forever. Either he liked it, or was just trying to appease me, but it graced his desk for many years and now resides in our joint office.

Actually, there was two separate pictures, the other one might still be on his desk at work, I think I was in a different jacket or boa or something. I believe it was also a smaller 5×7 shot, part of the package I bought.

They were fun, and really turned out pretty good for the money they cost. Don’t even ask, I can’t recall the price. Probably around $50, which at the time must have seemed like a fortune to me! While scouring the web for information, just now, I found they are still available and can be purchased in packages for as low as $29.95! Haha, I also had to view a bunch of horrid and hilarious (as well as some nice ones) pictures featuring the “models”wearing hats, bringing friends, using props-even handcuffs, yikes!

I’m still kinda proud of mine and the way it turned out, I had so much more hair back in the day!! That was the thing, no matter how I fixed my own hair, I never thought it was good enough (still don’t) and I wanted a professional to make me look good.

So that’s it, do y’all have any Glamour shots you’d like to share? How about a little throwback pic of your own? C’mon now, don’t be shy, play along! I would love to see them! Meanwhile, as you dig through your archives, get ready to join me tomorrow for my very first Flash Fiction Friday, as I try to demonstrate my prowess at the craft. See you then from a very chilly patio! ❄☃


15 Replies to “Day 158-Throwback Thursday-Glamour Shot”

  1. Tried to add a Glamour shot…couldn’t do it…if you go to facebook you’ll see one I posted just a couple days ago!! I really don’t take many pictures of myself that I like, I’ve only had a small hand full!
    Whhoot!! Whooot!! 2 yrs!! yay!! 🙂

  2. It is a really good picture!! Floating around there I have several glamour shots of the other folks, however none of my own! I like Suze and do not even know how to post pictures on here from a comment? Rolling on, Stephanie

  3. I’m very glad that you have pictures of yourself that you like. Don’t think I’ve ever met one I’ve liked of me. Well, I take that back. I would have liked a photo of myself if it were totally flattering and unrecognizable as me.

    1. That’s really the only one I like. I’m sorry you don’t like any of yours, I like the profile pic! Of course I’m going to like one that shows me in younger days, less wrinkles, lol!

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