Day 161- Plotting and Planning

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This morning I am enjoying the look and feel of having a living room floor for the first time since we moved in a year ago! The guys did a great job and the floor looks wonderful! Don’t look at my messy coffee table, I’ve been busy.

Our new flooring, pretty isn't it?
Our new flooring, pretty isn’t it?

We are preparing to go to church, but I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you what’s on deck for the week ahead. I spent some of yesterday plotting what would go on the calendar this week, so when I sit down tomorrow morning, I’m not looking at a blank screen thinking, “what am I going to talk about today?”

It seems you all enjoyed last week’s daily features, if that changes, let me know and I’ll change it up. So tomorrow I’ll continue with Motivational Monday, this time I’ll feature a scripture instead of a quote.

Tuesday’s essay will be about our favorite vacation spot and how that came to be.

Wednesday’s Medical Minute is not clear yet. I’m hoping y’all provide me with some feedback concerning what you want me to discuss. If I don’t get any ideas from you, I’ll think of one on my own.

Thurday, I will feature another blast from the past. (Once I drag out some old pics, lol)

I’m hoping by Friday I have another story brewing for Flash Fiction Friday. Say a prayer I get my creative juices flowing!

That’s it, I want to wish my middle son Joshua a Happy Birthday and it would have been Elvis’s as well. You all enjoy your Sunday, and please keep us in your prayers as well, Dave goes in for his pre-op tomorrow. Thanks and see you all later!

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  1. oh those floors are absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous! (lol) not really, as we will be fixin’ ours in another year or so. LOVE the color though. I think I will copy that if you don’t mind.

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