Day 164-Wednesday's Medical Minute-Medical vs Recreational Marijuana

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Onto the subject for today’s medical minute. This past Sunday we started a discussion with Roxy from The Oily Guru on the subject of medical marijuana and how the FDA is starting to take notice of the benefits of CBDs for certain illnesses and symptoms. So I started reading about it on the site, which has an abundance of useful information put out by very knowledgeable experts on the subject, and I came up with a few questions to get us started and the answers they provided. I hope it helps us have a more open mind when it comes to the possible legalization of what God surely intended us to use (not abuse) as an alternative to poisonous chemotherapy and other medications.


Q. What is the difference between medical vs recreational marijuana?

A. The best answer to this question is the difference is those people who use cannabis to get high and/or reach some state of nirvana are recreational users. Those folks using cannabis to treat ailments and symptoms of such are medical users. Medical use requires a doctor’s recommendation, whereas recreational users need only be over the age of 21. Medical patients search for a particular strain to ease the specific symptoms they are experiencing, allowing them able to stay active and productive.

Q. Who can benefit?

A. Patients suffering a myriad of illnesses could benefit, however, first you have to know some science about strings and their effects, which strain is used for which symptom or illness. One has to know the difference between high CBD strains, High THC strains, understand the morphology of each plant, what is a terpene and more. It is such a complex subject and not one to go into willy nilly. This is why you must confer with your medical professional and have their recommendation-the doctors that suggest medical marijuana for treatment have done the research needed and will steer their patients in the right direction. There is so much to learn about all of this, by the time I finish my research on the subject, it will finally be legal in Texas! (one could hope) is the best place I found on the web for answering the most basic questions, there is not time enough in the day for me to read all of the necessary material to gain the knowledge one would need to make a competent decision. If I ever found myself in need, and it was legal here, I would leave it up to my doctor to guide me in the right direction.

Q. What states have legalized medical marijuana?

A. 39 states have legalized medical marijuana usage according to the website, and you can find that list on and also the 7 states that accept out-of-state authorization for medical marijuana. Unfortunately, Texas is not yet on the list, however, upon visiting DPS.Texas.Gov, I found out that through The Compassionate Use Program, DPS will license at least 3 dispensing organizations by September 1 of this year. The license will authorize each organization to cultivate, process and dispense low-THC cannabis to prescribed patients. Another site I found during my limited research was which featured an article on the new benefits of medicinal marijuana published last year. Here is that link if you’re interested. Http://

I intend to continue my research so I can find answers to questions you all may have, such as 1) What makes cannabis medicine? 2) What is CBD and THC and what are their effects? 3) What are the different strains and who do they benefit? So many more questions will arise and provides a plethora of information. I will seek out other sites as well, my first foray into the subject only showed me this site as the most informative, easy to read guide I found so far.

I hope this answered some of your questions and opens the door for conversation on this somewhat controversial subject. There are pros and cons, to be sure, but I feel like we should keep an open mind after reading some case studies of patients who have benefitted from using medicinal marijuana. As a user of essential oils, I know the benefits of using something natural vs chemical for my own body, not to say that traditional medicine doesn’t have its place. I would get off of all my medications if the doctors would let me, and Lord knows, Dave is about to benefit of the modern miracles of medicine himself, however, if I had convinced him how beneficial essential oils were earlier, he may not have been in need of this surgery. Who knows? I believe in their power, I am proof that they work but not everyone does. It is a science that, like marijuana, has been around forever, but few people really know enough about it to make their own decisions, relying on medical professionals to cure them with traditional methods. I thank God we have the choice to use any method we want, or all of them!

Let me know what you think. Comments and questions are always welcome, on this subject as well as how you like (or don’t) my new theme. I’m trying something new, so my site doesn’t get stale or boring. Hopefully, it is more user friendly, and I look forward to playing around with the features it comes with. See you all tomorrow for another Throwback Thursday; I’ve been pouring over pictures to provide you with something entertaining at the very least. I hope you all have a blessed and productive day!


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