Day 165-Throwback Thursday-My Former Life

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This is a picture of me in my former life…I was a phlebotomist at Arlington Cancer Center- and that is my boss, Kathy Ferguson on the other side of Santa Claus.

My boss, Santa and myself
My boss, Santa and myself

Not much has changed about me but my hair, it gets thinner by the day, and of course, the wrinkles I’ve added over the years. I loved my job, it was employee interaction with one in particular that caused my “mini-breakdown” and forced my early “retirement.” I miss it in some aspects, in others I don’t. I now have the freedom to work from home, and of course, my part-time job as a caregiver to Miss Stephanie, which I wouldn’t change for the world. I loved the patients, although it was a hard thing, watching them go through treatment for cancer, getting to know them, then sometimes, losing them. I miss the friendships I had with my other co-workers as well, we had some pretty good times over the years, and Kathy was the best boss (other than Stephanie) that I’ve ever had. My memory sucks so bad, I can’t even remember if that was my station and my kid’s artwork behind us, though, I suspect it was. We always had a bit of our personal life tacked on a board behind us, so that our patients could get to know us as well. The doctors were the best, and to this day, I always refer anyone I know to get their treatment there, if at all possible. Which is not the case for us, only because of my husband’s insurance and where his doctor wanted him to go.

I hope you all have a pleasant day, and will join me back here for tomorrow’s Flash Fiction Friday. Maybe I’ll have something churning in the ole noggin by then! See ya tomorrow, on the patio. 😎


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  1. It’s funny..not funny ha ha but funny strange, to see just how many interconnections there are in people’s lives. I was going to become a phlebotomist..had signed up for a course and was looking for the class on day one. It was held in a building I wasn’t familiar with at all so (of course) I wandered into the wrong room and found a seat. Halfway through the lecture I realized I was in the wrong place (yes, it takes me a while sometimes) but was too embarrassed to get up. I sat through the rest of the lecture and was so intrigued by something the prof said that after the class I changed my focus and transferred..into drug counseling. loved sharing that bit of your past with you..and remembering that sometimes the “mistakes” we make were what we should have done in the first place.

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