Day 172-Throwback Thursday-My First Car Ever

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My Ford Thunderbird
My Ford Thunderbird

For today’s post, I thought I’d share a pic of my first car ever, which I did not get until I had been in the Army for three years or so! Well, I didn’t need one until I re-enlisted to Ft Hood in Killeen, since before that, the Army provided all of my transportation. I either walked everywhere I needed to go, caught a ride with friends, rode a bus or took a taxi- when I was stationed in Ft Sam Houston the first time, we took taxi’s off base to go party in the city every chance we got. I don’t think there were many of those opportunities though being that was my AIT period, and our time was limited for such activity.

Anyway, after transferring to Ft Hood following the birth of my first child, I needed a way to get back and forth from there to my home in Ft Worth so I could visit him every weekend I could. Here comes my brother to the rescue, with a 1973 T-bird, which he kindly sold me (for $1,000!) I had prepared for this, my friend and roommate Robin had taught me how to drive when we were stationed at Ft Sam the second time. Funny story about that, I was so nervous about getting it right, one day she had me drive to the store and I got out of the driver’s side and somehow closed the car door on my right thumb!! Not knowing it was fractured, I stayed in agony all night long, went to the hospital the next day to have it checked out, by then it was too late. They could not drain the blood that had accumulated under the nail, x-rays proved it was indeed fractured, they put a metal splint on it-I had to finish the remainder of school with that on and try to work with glass tubes all day with that splint on my thumb! Fun times 🙁

Back to my boat of a car, I believe he (my brother) took me to the DPS following the purchase and I got my license. I can’t believe I learned to parallel park in that thing! I figured if I learned to drive that beast, driving anything else would be a breeze! Besides that, it was so big I could haul my friends around in it, no problem. Not that I did much of that, I don’t remember how long I had that car, but I learned to park it on a dime and the next car I got was my Plymouth Arrow. How I loved that car and miss it to this day. I think I had the T-bird around a year, maybe a year and a half, before I got the Arrow. I have a picture of Sean and myself with the car, before some lady decided to pull out in front of me some time later and wrecked my wonderful ride. I had been with a friend that day, he received stitches to his forehead, and my sweet little car had to be totaled. I was devastated, but happy that Derin was ok. I want to say my next purchase was the Chevy Lumina, but I could be wrong. My memory is so bad, lol, and I had so many cars!

Owning the T-bird made me realize that I could drive anything, no matter the size, and I even worked on it from time to time under the guidance of my Dad. I have a photo somewhere of myself covered in grease after doing it’s lube job all by myself. He made sure I knew how to change the tires and do my own maintenance in case I was ever stranded on the side of the road. I think the headliner hung down a little bit the whole time I owned it, but I didn’t care- it got me from point A to point B and that’s all I needed at the time. I worried about having a car that looked good later. Back then all I needed was a set of wheels! I do remember it would go really fast before you realized it, the ride was so smooth. It was a good first car to own and I think it finally just literally fell apart, I took it to the junk yard to be scrapped for parts and then got the Arrow, my first real love (car wise). After driving the T-bird, the Arrow was so little and zippy, I could really maneuver in and out of traffic with ease and just loved it’s sporty good looks. The T-bird had been a boat and the Arrow was like a bullet in comparison, I loved driving it so much. I even had guys want to race me in it, it was a dream of mine to be a female race car driver anyway. I would take them up on I from time to time, but I was scared of getting into trouble, so I took it easy and usually let them win. (I totally could have beat them though, lol)

So that’s my story, do you remember you’re first car? What were your challenges and how much did you love it? I want to hear about it, so you know what to do. Leave me a comment and then come back tomorrow for another installment of Flash Fiction Friday. I’ll say a prayer that I think up something good! 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. I can’t picture you sitting behind a car that big! Could you even see out the windshield?? lol…(all in good humour) ! 🙂 I’m too phyco to drive, I’ve given people heart attacks while I’ve been behind the wheel…almost hit the house, I was laughing hysterically….couldn’t find the break!! That is why I don’t drive!! lol…. 🙂

    1. What?? Lol, too psycho to drive? Have you seen the other 1.5 million psycho people out there??? Lol-if you feel safer at home, I don’t blame ya!

      1. Ya….I’ve seen them! I at least know when to say no and not try to kill people!! I care, they don’t! lol…(yes I know I spelt psycho wrong…spell check wouldn’t fix it) lol… 🙂

        1. And yes, I could see fine out of the window, it had adjustable seats, lol. I’ve graduated after several cars and now drive a Challenger-I love it, I actually can put the seat BACK a little, lol!

  2. In Oct 1992 after high school I had to go to a special schooling for people with physical disabilities for a month. It was 2 hours away, and a friend of mine that I graduated with went with me. It was at a college in OK, and we got our first taste on a college campus living in a coed dorm for people with disabilities. I ended up getting my drivers license the first try! All of the students with disabilities are able to drive cars that were already adapted. When I got home I went to a dealership (I knew the owner, and he specifically helped me to get a used car). I got a 1989 blue metallic Chevy Cavalier! I had hand controls where I would push down for gas and in for break. I also had a chair topper which was something that looked like a luggage rack that you put on my car, and that would keep my wheelchair dry and out of the weather. I drove that car for 7 years and then I hung up my hat as far as driving was concerned because I was afraid I would injure myself or someone else. Rolling on, Stephanie

  3. Ok, you hooked me… My first car was a 1965 Opel Kadett Station Wagon my Dad gave me in 1975 so I could drive to the local junior college. It died over the winter, so next he gave me a 1966 Buick Special. I then traded that in, in 1976, on a 1970 VW Bug. I have owned a VW of some flavor ever since… (own a 1974 VW Thing now).

    1. My hubby and I use to have a VW bus-a “love bug” we called it. He loved that thing, as did the kids. The funny thing about my T-bird was I got it in 1983 and it was 10 yrs old already, God knows what my brother had already put it through!
      I’ve never heard of an Opel Kadett, I’ll have to look that up!

      1. I owned 2 Opel Kadett Wagons and one Opel GT, all back in the 70’s … I also owned an ’84 T-bird (Turbo, fire-engine red…let’s call it… CopBait!!!)

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