Day 175-Free Days-Weekly planner

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I’m doing the blog today using the Voice activation already built into my Mac. It was easy I just googled the steps and carried them out. There’s much less typing, although I have to go back and fix minor things like punctuation and/or capitalization, and as it gets used to my voice and inflection, things should get better.


As my husband and I get ready for his surgery tomorrow, I’m planning the week with little hope of achieving my daily word count, but hoping I can at least accomplish daily assignments. Monday’s quote applies to both of us as we each deal with the surgery and recovery process our own way.


Tuesday the essay will be on having my first child out of wedlock. Some know the story of my oldest son but not everybody. These essays that I’m doing as part of a 52 week challenge are about personal things that I’ve experienced and lived through. It was hard enough to think of 52 things much less 365, although if I tried really hard I could probably come up with something.


Wednesday’s medical minute is still up in the air, suggestions and feedback are welcome. Depending on how well David’s recovery goes may dictate what I talk about, if you get my drift. I may decide to cover what it means to be a caregiver, or talk about whatever you guys suggest.


What I might do on Thursday is show a picture of me as a baby, actually a toddler, and put up the a picture of my grand baby, do use as a comparison. Call me silly but I think we favor. Maybe sometime before then I can get a baby picture of Taylor, and we’ll put all three up.

Flash fiction Friday is always a mystery until I start writing it. Hopefully I improve each week with my storytelling abilities.


We have several prayer warriors on the case, however the more we have the better it is, so I will thank you in advance and talk with you tomorrow. At least the weather is going to cooperate! Have a nice Sunday.:-)

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    1. Thank you Anne! Prayers answered, he is resting comfortably in his room, we will go home sometime tomorrow where he will be more comfortable for the next two weeks. That’s how long he should be off-we will see!

  1. Glad the voice dictation is working out! I would be so lost without my VD(Voice Dictation, LOL)! Never would have made it through college without it! Definitely praying! Rolling on, Stephanie

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