Day 176-My Essay Tuesday-Our USMD Experience

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Psych! I had planned on writing an essay about my first born, however, life has a way of changing things. So while our experience at the hospital is fresh on my mind, I thought I’d write it on that.

USMD is an affiliate of Urology Associates of North Texas and is the hospital/cancer center his urologist chose for him to do his treatment, which was surgery to remove his prostate. When they said be there at 5:30am for 6:30 procedure, they weren’t even kidding. They checked him in, brought him back and got the ball rolling early. By 6:30, they were rolling him off to surgery, and our waiting began.

I was joined in the waiting room by his mom, our pastor, his brother and sister-in-law. The procedure took all of three hours, but I was happy about that because I knew it meant they were taking the time they needed to get the job done right. I was just as concerned they spared the important nerves used for sexual and urinary function as I was they remove the cancer. The fact that we caught it early meant that he had the very best chance for a full recovery, with little to no chance of recurrence. Having our pastor there was special and although he missed the chance to see David before the surgery, he started praying as he was driving to the hospital, I was grateful for that.

After the doctor came out and told us how well the procedure went, Mike, our pastor, said a prayer with all of us, thanking God for taking care of him and guiding the doctor’s hands. Soon after, we went up to see David once he was transferred to his room. Pastor Mike had gone on to tend to another member of the congregation, and Dave’s brother was in pain from a back injury, so they didn’t visit long. That was cool, because Dave needed to rest and was in and out due to the heavy sedation.

Everyone sent well wishes via the blog and other internet sources and we settled in for a long night. Which it was. The nurses came in every one to two hours, making sleep difficult, at best. Good to know he was being attended to though, and they took care of his every need. He had walked earlier in the evening and was in pain as the trapped gas from the inflation of his abdomen during the surgery, moved through his ribcage-I knew from experience, that is very uncomfortable and painful. They monitored his vitals throughout the night and after breakfast, took him for another walk. His pain was not near as bad, they have removed one of the catheters and now we are waiting to be released sometime later this afternoon. He will go home with the supra-pubic catheter, which drains urine straight from his bladder. By this weekend, he should be able to urinate normally before his follow-up visit with the doctor.

Overall, this has been one of the best experiences with a hospital I’ve ever encountered. Everyone is professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable, they provided a delicious cafeteria and snack/drink area, his room was large and included a couch/futon type thing so I could stay the night with him. It’s like they thought of everything and go out of their way to make the experience the best they can in spite of the circumstances. The nurse informed us we should be going home by two this afternoon, if all goes well and he is feeling comfortable to leave.

Other than being a little bit out of the way, our USMD hospital at Arlington experience proved to be the most up to date, state of the art experiences ever. I would recommend this hospital to anyone looking for a superior experience in healthcare.







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  1. Glad everything went well! That gas pain is a real bummer… and getting sleep in a hospital is very hard! Hope his recoup goes quickly! 🙂

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