Day 178-Throwback Thursday-Oh Baby, Baby!

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Take a guess!
Take a guess!


Ok, today I want to play a game. In the picture are myself, Rayven and her mama, Taylor.  Can you see who’s who? Going clockwise from the biggest picture, make your guesses in order. Do you see a resemblence? I’d love to hear your opinions! First person to guess everyone’s names, in order wins!

What do you win? Well…I could say bragging rights, but where’s the fun in that? How about this-if the winner is a lady, I’ll send them a pair of my handmade earrings in their favorite color.

If a guy wins, I have a coupon for a free product from Van’s who make delicious, gluten free breakfast foods like cereal, crackers, cereal bars and waffles. They are gluten free, made from all natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. Deal? Too easy? We shall see!

I just wanted to do something different and fun. Let me know if you like it and maybe I’ll figure out a way to make it a regular feature. (Like once a month, I don’t have that much jewelry, lol!)

Wanna know a secret? I wrote this blog last night, so if I was busy with Dave in the morning (my normal time to blog, since it’s my most creative time) all I have to do is hit publish when I got time!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and will join me for tomorrow’s Flash Fiction Friday. Until then, see you on the patio! 

14 Replies to “Day 178-Throwback Thursday-Oh Baby, Baby!”

  1. I want to play! I did not look at the other comments to see what they put so my answers are: the big one is you, the top one is Taylor, and the bottom line is Rayven! Watch me be all wrong, there is a resemblance.

    What name can I look under to find tre on medium? That is very thoughtful of her. I will also try to look her up on WordPress! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. The big one is Taylor, followed by me and then Rayven. That’s ok, you haven’t seen many pics of Taylor to compare them to. 😊 Glad you found Tre, I’ll be looking for the earrings for you to bring next time I see you!

  2. Left full picture isTaylor, top right hand corner is you, bottom right hand corner is Rayven. Such beautiful babies! I love throwbacks!

      1. Oh, I didn’t do it for the prize, I did it for the fun of it. Will you give my prize to the lady you care for from time to time? Maybe red? I have a feeling she’d love the earrings. She has a smile that’s outta this world. I can see it so clearly when you posted photos of her having the wheelchair fitted for the new one. That would really make me happy.

        1. You got it! You are so thoughtful Tre! And just so you know, Kevin won first and got the coupon. It was his idea to take his answer down and let a lady win for the earrings. It’s wonderful to see there is so many good people left in the world!

          1. Aww, that’s awesome! It does my heart good. You’re very right, Kim. I’m glad you’ll give her the earrings. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face now. Kudos to Kevin.

    1. Alright! Well that was fast, so I guess it was easy! Send me your address and your coupon will be on its way! Thank you for the compliments as well, and thanks for playing!! Good job!

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