Day 180-Free Days-Flower Chowder

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So…not a word has been written so far today, except comments on other people’s blogs, therefore, I am fulfilling my promise to blog every day with a peek into what I created for our dinner today, for lack of anything else to write about. Day five of Dave’s recovery has meant quite a lot of sitting around together, due to the fact he wasn’t feeling very chipper today. I didn’t want to leave him by himself all day while feeling yucky, so at least I’ve been next to him on the couch, watching various food/flip type tv shows, alternated with a couple of episodes of Netflix series Orange is the New Black. The last one I watched was so intense, I needed a break. I laughed, I cried, I recoiled in horror, then cried some more.

I decided it was a perfect time to make us some home made chowder. What kind of chowder can you make from a flower you might ask? Why, cauliflower of course giggle yes, I’m goofy today. Anyway, my friend Michelle turned me on to this gem and sent me the recipe. It was easy, low carb and delicious! Here is the recipe:


I subbed almond milk for the 2%, so it was thinner than it might have been with dairy but still tasted great. Poor David has been on a (creamy) liquid diet since coming home from the hospital and I thought home made would be better for a change of pace. He has got to be getting sick of chicken noodle by now!! He has been nauseated and sluggish today (kinda like his digestive system) and I think when he has some movement, he will feel so much better. At least the gas is mostly gone, and for that he is grateful.

Let me know if you try the chowder and how you like it. For those on a low carb diet, this is a perfect fit. Turns out it is less than 5 carbs per serving…pretty good right?

At least watching tv with Dave is a learning experience- what not to do while flipping a house, where the original Porsche belonging to Janis Joplin really resides (not the Museum of the Gulf Coast like we thought, that is a replica), who is winning the golf tournament so far, and other bits of information you are just dying to know. 😉

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  1. Flower Chowder!! you are goofy! ya got me with that one! My hubby won’t eat anything but Campbell’s soup, I live on homemade…go figure!! I hope that gas passes, I know how uncomfortable it can be! Hang in there! 😉 T.

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