Day 182-Motivational Monday-

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I don’t know how motivational this is, however, I picked this quote today because it perfectly describes the week I just went through with my husband, as he recovers from his surgery. We didn’t do much, but I was there for him, sitting next to him on the couch, even if we were each kinda doing our own thing. I tried to do my writing either there, next to him or later, when he’d napped or gone to bed, so I wasn’t leaving him alone, feeling abandoned. If I was feeling bad or down, he would do the same for me, if it was something serious, I’m sure.

Some of the time, he was watching stuff I don’t care for, that’s when I would catch up on my episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix, from my IPad. Just being next to him, instead of off in another room, shows my love and support-a small thing to ask, even though he didn’t. The gift of my time is all I really had to give and all he really cared about. He only had a couple of visitors all week, something that may have depressed me, yet didn’t bother him at all. He knows everyone is busy.

Think about this quote the next time a friend or partner is hurting in some way, whether it’s physical or mental, and see if it doesn’t brighten their day, just having the gift of your presence might be what gets them through it. Sometimes, even if no words are spoken, simply being present is all that is necessary to make someone feel loved and supported.

We are getting ready to go have his tubal removal, something I’m sure he’s dreading, but anxious to be free of. Everything seems to be working properly, say a prayer that with each day, he grows stronger and feels better. Hopefully, the doctor clears him to drive and maybe half days at work, the return to a sense of normalcy will help him recover that much faster.

Join me tomorrow for my Tuesday essay, topic to be disclosed then. Have a blessed day everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow on the patio!

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  1. I agree with you that being there means more than you know. I know that you have superwoman hearing skills, but I could never focus if I was in the same room while he was trying to listen to something. The 2 sounds would beat off of one another! But yet I would still do the same as you, just not watch another program! Looking forward to tomorrow’s essay. Rolling on, Stephanie

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