Day 187-Free Days-What Makes Me Happy

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img_0757After surveying what needs to be purchased from the grocery whenever we decide to get out later, I realized, it doesn’t take much to make me happy or feel “rich” these days. Once I read back the story I wrote yesterday, I thought about it even more. If I had a genie grant me a wish or two, I really wouldn’t know what to ask for. As long as I have a few products in the bathroom to “maintain” myself, some food to eat and my devices to keep me connected to the outside world, I’m good!

Of course, I’m talking material things here, not friends and family, we all need that to make us happy.

I mean, certain products I depend on, specific grocery items like Kerrygold butter-I use a LOT of that, along with pure, unrefined coconut oil. Stevia (the good, pure kind) and vanilla extract, (the real stuff, not that imitation crap) and Ceylon cinnamon, (not that sawdust they sell in the grocery store). I started thinking, maybe it’s time I learn how to have a relationship with the folks who make these products I use so much and see if we can’t scratch each other’s backs. I don’t know much about product marketing, but I aim to learn. I use all of the above products to make my bulletproof coffee every single morning. Shouldn’t I get a little kickback for mentioning their products in my blog?

Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud here, what do you think? How do you all feel about product marketing and do you work with companies to help sponsor their products? Do you get paid a little something when you do? I’m just curious, since I can’t have ads on my site, how to possibly make a little money on the side by working with brands and plan on taking the workshop that Addi Ganley is co-hosting. I missed the actual workshop but can access the replay, so that’s what I plan on doing sometime this weekend.

I’ll let you know how it goes and if you have comments or suggestions, leave em for me! Have a wonderful day everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow on the patio!



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  1. I guess that butter is an American brand as never heard it before..never thought of doing that, trying to get companies to pay or send you free stuff, Hmmmm…good idea ! Thanks Kim & Suze! 🙂

    1. Really? I thought all bloggers thought about making money that way!
      The butter is from Ireland, I found it when I went Paleo. because it is grass-fed it was the only butter touted by all the gurus to be the best for your health. At Walmart it costs $3.44 for a block, which I use one a week!

  2. I have a relationship with sherwin-williams paints. I have blogged before abut the do’s and don’ts of painting..the best kind of paint for whatever uses and they have sent me coupons for 50% off anything in their stores. I also got a free pair of sketchers for blogging about them. I think if you can at a minimum get discounts on what you already use and love the companies will be thrilled with you. one caveat…always always tell exactly what you think of a product, both good and bad.Happy company negotiations! (send an email to the marketing dept with a link to a post about their product. That gets them looking at your blog)

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