Day 188-Free Days-What Did I Learn?

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Good morning everyone, and may I just say, I hope you all have a fabulous Superbowl Sunday if for no other reason than you got to spend time with friends and family, cause, like me, you don’t really have a stake in the game or care who wins or not-it’s all about the joy of breaking bread and hanging out with your loved ones…and the commercials of course!

Speaking of commercials, that brings me to what I found out when I did some research into which would be a better course for me to take, and there were two I was interested in. Working with Brands or Affiliate Marketing Course.

After watching the introduction video that Jenny Melrose did on Utube for her course of working with brands, I learned that the course would teach me everything from how to pitch to a brand to how to create the perfect proposal piece, how she makes up to and even beyond 10k per month by working with brands and how you can too, how to invoice and follow up, and how to stay true to your voice and let your personality win over the brand and keep them wanting to work with you for months at a time-not just a one-and-done kind of thing. Her course costs anywhere from $397 for the Basic class to $597 for the Master class. Wow! While that doesn’t seem like much to end up earning over 10k a month, I would completely have to restructure and plan in advance my entire blog…not sure that’s the route I want to go.

The second course I looked at, was Michelle Gardner’s e-course on Affiliate Marketing (How to build  six figure income without millions of visitors or selling your soul)  which earns her around  100k a month, and how she went from $0 to 50k per month and how you can too, even if you are a beginner blogger. Testimonials from students talked about how their income quadrupled in the first month after taking her course-which in total cost $197! Even if I had to create a separate blog to achieve this goal, it would be well worth the investment. However, I would not know if that’s what I need to do until I take the course, which is, by the way, at your own pace and waaaay more affordable for this girl to take. She runs an award winning blog called Making Sense of Cents which earns her around 70k per month, 50k of that being through affiliate marketing.

So the bottom line is, I have a lot to think about and sort through, but I think it’s a no-brainer. Even if I only worked on the course an hour a day, it would take me about a month to get through it, and then I can apply the lessons I learned to this blog, or create another-I’ll figure that out as I go along. Yes, to make money you have to invest some money, and yes, it will take some work, but I’m willing to do it. And I want to take you all along, if you’re interested. Maybe I could do a post each Saturday (since that’s a free day) on what I learned that week and you could apply it to your blog and then we could all learn how to make extra money! Who couldn’t use some extra money? And since my goal is to help people with my blog, it sounds like a win-win to me. What say you?

I’ll let you know when I start the course, and we will be off and running after that. I’m excited to learn something new and profitable…but will continue with my blog as it is for now, and speaking of that, heres the run down for this week coming up.

Motivational Monday as usual will feature a quote or scripture- this week it will be a quote I found on Pinterest.

This is my essay Tuesday will be about how I worked in a nursing home, starting from when I was 16.

Wednesday’s Medical Minute is still a mystery, unless someone wants to chime in and provide me with a subject they want me to address.

Throwback Thursday will be on another photo I cull from the archives (or that shoebox full of pictures I keep in the office)

Flash Fiction Friday is the usual surprise, even to myself, lol. Last week I did it off a word prompt, this week I might try a picture prompt…who knows?

I hope to see everyone back here tomorrow, enjoy the big game, family and friends and I hope the commercials this year are worth all the millions they spend on them. Have a blessed day. 🙂