Day 196-Motivational Monday-Protect Your Hearts

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Gosh, I feel like I was just here, since the last thing I did before bed last night was blog! Let me tell you, that was a bad idea, I am too tired, unfocused and distracted (same thing) to tackle that job at night!

I don’t know how motivational my scripture choice is for today, I just thought it was appropriate for Valentines Day-which is tomorrow people…don’t forget! (as if the card companies and commercials would let you, lol)

Taken from Pinterest
Taken from Pinterest

My friend Julie visited yesterday and was so thoughtful, she brought me a dozen pink roses! That was so sweet! I had already told my hubby he was off the hook, choosing to get a massage from Stephanie’s therapist instead, and then Julie cinched it by bringing me roses! So I got both in the end and I feel so special!

I should have spent more time working on my calendar yesterday, I am woefully unprepared this morning, not the way I normally start my week and I apologize. My brain feels like soup, I’m mad at myself for not going out and getting Valentines cards for everyone, even though most of the guys in my family don’t really care about it-I at least wanted to have something sent to Josh for Rayven, then decided she was too young to care about it anyway.

I think I will spend some time sending personalized Valentine E-cards to my family and friends, maybe even singing ones, lol-they aren’t the same as paper cards but they will have to do at this late date! I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and get special Valentines from your beloved partners and give something from your heart back as well. Make a cookie, buy someone a flower, whatever it is you do to make your love feel appreciated for all they do for you.

Protect your hearts but give of them too!

Also remember…February is American Heart Month (how appropriate!) so it’s time to commit to a healthy lifestyle and make some small changes like trying to quit smoking, and eating heart healthy to keep those tickers in tip top shape! Do schedule a checkup this month if you haven’t already, just a tip from the American Heart Association.

Enjoy your Monday, be more prepared and productive than me, lol and I’ll see you all for My Essay Tuesday tomorrow on the patio! ❤







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