Day 197-My Essay Tuesday-Met The Love of My Life

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Before I start my essay, let me tell you about my luck; I made a list of essay topics at the beginning of the year, before starting my editorial calendar, how lucky was I that today’s essay just so happened to be this one?! Ok, so I had to switch one place in the list to make it happen-I won’t tell if you don’t 😉


Dave and I in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget Casino
Dave and I in Lake Charles at the Golden Nugget Casino

Thirty one years and a few months ago, I gazed across the room where my friend Lisa and I were settling in for a night of drinking and dancing at a local night club called Manhattan’s. My eyes landed on a fellow that made my heart nearly leap out of my chest. Now in all fairness, and because I know he will probably read this later, I have to admit that the initial reason for my reaction was because I thought he was someone else. Someone from my past that I definitely did not want to see, but as his eyes locked on mine, I knew this wasn’t the case. Still, my curiosity was peaked and I longed to know more. He was tall, blond and handsome, with crystal blue eyes that were riveted to mine, sexy in a cowboy kind of way and I just knew I wanted to know him.

I had Lisa glance in his direction and she thought he was handsome indeed and let me know in a hurry that I should get his attention so he’d ask me to dance. He was with his friend, also a David, and after a few moments of us staring holes in each other, the gents finally made their way to our table. I can honestly admit that I have no idea what happened to Lisa and her David after that, my complete attention was focused on the man standing in front of me, who at that moment was asking me to join him on the dance floor.

It’s so funny that we met at this particular place, or was it fate? Neither of us had ever been there, nor would we have gone on a regular basis, both of us had only gone with our friends because they begged us to. David didn’t frequent that establishment because they did not have foosball tables, something he was very into at the time. My preference for nightclubs usually featured hard rock music and an ambiance that this place did not, I normally would never have known it even existed. In fact, it was known for being a “meat market” which was unbeknownst to me at the time. Not that I would have understood that term anyway, I was still naive, not innocent mind you, but naive about things like that and still thought I was an invincable young lady.

As we began to move on the dance floor, I noticed he wasn’t a great dancer, but that was not the attraction for me anyway. Besides, he was used to country and western and we happened to be dancing to Hall and Oates or something on that first dance. Later I remember dancing to the Righteous Brothers- You’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling, which became “our” song, regardless of the meaning. That must have been when the love took hold. We were deep in conversation, learning some facts about each other, when he asked if I wanted to have his number which was on his business card located in his truck. I followed him outside to the parking lot and it was there that our fate was sealed. No, get your minds out of the gutter, I just wanted him to see my car, I was so proud of it. It was my favorite colors at the time, black and red, sporty of course, (but no Camaro) and it was there leaning against it that he asked me the question that would change my life forever, after first picking me up and holding me tight. I’m really short and small, guys just had a habit of picking me up, so I was used to it. And yes, I was a flirt, so I didn’t mind at all.

“Are you done messing around” he asked me,and at first I wasn’t sure what he meant, yet as I looked into his eyes, it became clear what he meant to convey,  and I answered “yes” and from that night on, we were never apart. He saved me that night, saved me from a life like I’d had, always picking the wrong type of guy, men who used me for one thing or another. I used to get so mad at my mother because she could spot em a mile away. Those kind of guys. It would take me months for the truth to sink in, by that time I’d have been hurt again. David was different. He’d been through his own battles and had the scars to prove it. I wanted that to end for him as well, so we made a pact that night to be done messing around and playing games, this was serious. I could just feel that he wanted to love and protect me and I wanted to know everything about him, he made me feel safe and comfortable and we had an instant connection. He asked me to marry him some three months later, a whirlwind romance some might say, but we knew even then, it would be for life.

That bond has carried us through and for all of these years we have been the best of friends, lovers, parents, caregivers to one another and we know we will grow old together, my footprints will be next to his in the sand of whatever beach our journey leads us to and we will love each other til the end of our days.





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