Day 199-Throwback Thursday-Sidewalk Cuties

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Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin
Mary, myself, Edie and my brother Kevin

In retrospect, I probably should have consulted my Dad before I thought about today’s post-my memory being what it is and all. Having said that, I believe this is a picture of us in California, when my cousins came for a visit. If not, I’m sure they will set me straight. I think it is though because of the age my brother is, the fact that there are sidewalks and nice houses in the picture, and I know that is around the time we lived there because I look about five or six, I went to kindergarten and half f first grade there, before we moved to Texas. Aren’t my cousins a couple of cuties?

This really illustrates the point that folks should put info on the backs of the pictures-something I neglected to do with mine as well, for people like me that can’t remember yesterday! Anyway, Mary Kate and Edie were the daughters of Shirley and Bob, Bob was one of my mother’s five brothers. The only surviving brother is the baby, Uncle Tony. He still lives in Lucedale with his wife Tammy and their clan of kids and grandkids. I really hope we get to go there for summer vacation this year, I miss everyone terribly and I believe Mary and my other cousin Glenn still live in the area as well. I’m not sure if Edie still lives there or if she moved to Washington where her son lives.

It’s so sad that we are out of touch, yet I understand that we all have busy lives, living in separate states makes it difficult to stay close and we don’t get the yearly family reunions like we did as kids to catch up with each other. My cousin Rosie and I were just talking on Facebook the other day about how nice it would be if we lived closer, and she could pop over for coffee and some of her oatmeal nut butter bars. Oh my, that would be Heaven to me! We would stay in trouble if I had my girls that close, I’d have them over all the time!

You can see from the picture that the sun was in our eyes, another reason I think this is California. My brother is peeking at us, or something down the sidewalk, I’m not sure. We are standing in order of age, I think. Mary is older than me by one year, Edie is one year younger and Kevin is three years younger than me. Again, if I’m wrong…sorry about my bad memory. I think it’s Rosie that’s the same age as me. My hair is long enough for pigtails in this pic, that was unusual, my Mom usually kept it short in pixie cuts because it was easier for her to take care of.

That’s my throwback for today…I’m off to stretch and take a hot bath. Did y’all do your stretches yesterday? I must not have done enough because my back is all tingly and my muscles are still tight. It will take a while to get back in the swing after neglecting it for so long. Join me tomorrow for Flashback Friday, Ill see you then, on the patio!


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