Day 201-Free Days-What a Week

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We’ve come to the end of Valentine’s week, and it has been an emotional one. Luckily, it’s been a beautiful, sunny and unseasonably warm day, the kind that lifts your spirits, if only for a little while. Some of you may know, David lost his aunt Wanda on Friday, his mother’s only sister. Yesterday I also learned that my best friend’s dad has been put on hospice, he is also suffering from Alzheimer’s and took a nasty fall last weekend. From the high of such a lovely Valentine’s evening to the sad events at the end of the week, it has been an emotional rollercoaster.

My studies are going well, it’s hard not to want to implement the lessons I’m learning, but I must hold off until I finish the whole course. Remember, I’m taking the Making Sense of Affilate Marketing course by Michelle Gardner.  Luckily, I have it for life and can review the material whenever I need to. I try to put in at least an hour most days, I missed a couple this week, no matter-it is a self paced course after all.  This week I learned what a Pretty Link plugin is, how to deep link and ways to increase your click through rate, among other valuable lessons. Now my head is swimming with ideas about how to convert my writing website, as well as what companies I’m interested in working with, once the time comes. Spoiler alert; I may be calling on all of you to help me decide how to transition to a new blog when I get ready-I’m keeping this one as is though, don’t worry!

I’m off to play Bunco, y’all enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow, from a possibly stormy patio!


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