Day 203-Motivational Monday

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Good morning everyone, I hope this prayer starts you out on the right foot today, just as it did me.


It comes from a post my sweet cousin Rosie put on Facebook yesterday, it was just the thing I needed to hear this morning and was accompanied by this prayer:

Instead of focusing on the hurdles ahead of you in the coming week,
Focus on Him beside you,
Instead of depending on your plan for tomorrow,
depend on His power for this very moment.
Instead of being tempted to give up, or give into fear,
give thanks — this gives Him glory.
Instead of trying to do it all
Simply let Him be your all.

Be with those aching tonight in ways no one knows, Lord.
Let the weary who need to hear You, feel it tonight in the tiredness of their bones — the loneliness falling straight away
and the gentle strength of comforting arms drawing them up and into that resting embrace of grace.
In the name of the only One who has ever loved us to death & back to the realest & forever life, In Gentle Jesus’ name,

I hope this helps you deal with whatever you are struggling with as much as it did me. Have a good Monday, I will see you all again tomorrow.

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