Day 207-Flashback Friday-Life on the River

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Sunny loved the water, it didn’t matter whether it was summers at the lake, vacationing by the ocean or the occasional trip to the Guadalupe River, she just wanted to be near the water whenever possible. Which is why she was shocked when she discovered how close her new house was to the Neches River three weeks after moving there.

She had been on a walk to get out of the drudgery of unpacking boxes and looking at the walls of her tiny new rental in the small town of Port Neches, when she came upon a large park. Curious, she noted the park’s name was Riverfront Park and kept walking, now excited at the prospect of water so close to her home. Cresting the small hill, she saw the parking area first, where boats, trailers and the boat launch greeted her widening eyes. Oh happy day! She could just imagine future picnics, fishing and the sheer joy of simply sitting by the river, watching the water ripple and ships floating in between it’s banks, on their way to get loaded with crude oil at the local refinery.

As soon as her husband returned home from work that evening, she drug him back out to join her in another trek to the river and happily gushed about all the fun they would have, especially now that she’d learned of a four day festival the locals called Riverfest, which featured food, carnival rides and a boat race, all set next to this wonderful waterway that lead to Sabine Lake and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. She could not contain her excitement at the possibilities afforded to them now, especially if he was to buy a boat. He had previously discussed this idea with her, and she was all for it. As long as it fit into the budget, of course.

Bo and Sunny had always wanted to move to the coast, Houston was so busy and congested,  they longed for peace and quiet and the when the opportunity came up for Bo to transfer to a refinery in Port Neches, they jumped at the chance for the life they had been dreaming of. They packed up the ten years of accumulated belongings and obtained a rent house until they could purchase a bigger home, and when the day came for them to move, they happily set out for what was to be the next adventure of their young lives. Sunny anxiously awaited the day the festival would arrive.

Bo arrived home from work thirty minutes prior to the gates opening to the festival. They made the decision to walk since the park was so close, that way finding parking would not be an issue. Upon arriving, they purchased tickets and were delighted to see a cordoned off area called a beer garden right next to the main stage and along the river. Oh, the sights they were seeing, people of all ages and manner of dress-one man was sporting camouflaged overalls and no shirt underneath. He must have thought he was dead sexy. The Cajun music was playing warm up to the first band and many people were already cutting a rug, or dancing a jig, Sunny wasn’t sure what they called it. As they got a drink and settled in to an empty picnic table, she was about to tell Bo that this was her idea of Heaven, when just as she turned to him to do so, an enormous tanker ship was lazily floating by. Sunny’s eyes widened at the sight of such a huge ship, so close she could almost touch it! She could hardly believe that something so large could keep afloat, especially on the river.

Later on, while making new acquaintances and dancing the night away, Sunny mused on how much she was going to enjoy this new life, she loved the food, the people, the quaint little town, but especially their proximity to all that water. Yes, life on the river was going to suit her just fine.


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