Day 210-Motivational Monday-

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This can be applied to my situation right now, how about yours?

Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, or just a new way of doing things, this is a great motivational quote which I found on a Pinterest board of them.

As if this quote wasn’t enough motivation, I saw more in my notifications this morning, in the form of a blog by Suze (Obsolete Childhood) in which she named my blog as one of her favorites for Steven Sawyer’s BMU challenge! After reading her kind words, I was motivated to keep going, and it made me feel vindicated as a blogger/writer when she said I make her feel┬áthe emotions that I’m talking about. Thanks Suze, you made my day! I also checked out Steven’s blog, For His Glory and you should too, it is very inspirational.

That’s what we all do as bloggers isn’t it? Lift each other up, spread each others words and news and generally try to help each other, however we can.

As I continue with my courses on blogging and affiliate marketing, I have to admit-I’m getting more confused by the minute with all of the information overload, it can be quite overwhelming. That being said, once I figure out how to create a better place for me to serve you, my journey will be complete. Then, the adventure will begin and we can all have fun together. I want to create content that is helpful and relevant, that answers your questions or helps you solve a problem. Stick with me folks, I’m a work in progress!

How have I helped you today? Please let me know in the comments and to everyone reading and following on this warm and humid Monday-have a great, productive day and I’ll see you tomorrow…on the patio!



PS-Some of you may remember from yesterday that I mentioned a family dinner celebrating my oldest son and my husband’s birthdays. Well, I’m ashamed to admit, I got so caught up in the moment of surprising my son with his gift that I totally forgot to take pictures…and I very much wanted you to see what I got him. He is a gifted musician, and a friend of Stephanie’s makes these wonderful guitars out of cigar boxes. Kind of a novelty, but one that really works-it even has a pick-up for amplification! I purchased one from Fred and gave it to Sean yesterday (even though today is his actual birthday).

I will try to get a pic and/or video of him playing it, which he started doing within minutes after receiving it. I’m happy to say he was pleased with it, and happy that Fred showed them to me in the first place.






4 Replies to “Day 210-Motivational Monday-”

  1. The quote totally makes me think of so many different things, but the one that sticks out to me is when I went today University of N. Texas! I started there at 27. I have gotten my associates degree already at the local junior college, and kept claiming to my friend that wanted me to come with her that I was too old to go live in a dorm with a bunch of 18 and 19 year old kids! There was a lot of work stuff accessibility wise, finding a caretaker to made it happen. All in all I really wanted to go but was scared. I cried and cried when my parents first dropped me off, and then I cried and cried when they would pick me up and I would have to say goodbye for the break! I did not know anybody when I first started besides my suitemate. Had some bumps along the way but it ended up being the best decisions! I graduated with my bachelors at 30!

    The cigar box guitar is really something to see. I had never seen anything like it! I hope that she does take a video of it. And happy birthday to Sean!

  2. Oh that is a wonderful gift! I wouldn’t mind getting one for my brother. He is a classical guitarist (he even made a record!)

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