Day 213-Throwback Thursday-Cousin Love

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Good morning everyone! Today my feature photo shows my baby, who is now 29, holding his infant cousin, who he now works with, lol! The irony!

Chris and Stephen
Chris and Stephen


This was taken right after we moved into our home in NRH, the same town we live in now. The look Christopher is giving me is priceless, (like he’s saying, chill mom, I got this)  and Stephen seems so happy and content in his arms. Today, they work together at the company Stephen’s dad (my brother-in-law) works for and they get along famously. This picture must have been taken within the first month of us moving in, because there is still paneling on the walls. That’s always the first thing to go when we buy a house we have to update. Then the carpets, and so on. This picture is especially funny when you consider the difference in height of the two boys. Stephen now towers over Chris, he must be around 6’4″ or so, and I’m not sure but I believe Chris is around 5’10”, maybe a little taller. Look at the hairstyle on Chris, rocking the mullet, like does everything else. Haha, he may kill me when he reads this.

I hope your day is great and the sun is warm and shining down on you wherever you are. Take care and I’ll see you all later, on the patio!