Day 215- Free Days-The Rainbow Bridge

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It is with a heavy and sad heart that I have to report the passing of my Mom’s dog Sophie, whom my Dad and son Sean have been caring for since my Mom passed in 2014. She was a chocolate lab, crazy eyed and shiny of coat-digger of holes and eater of rocks-loved and loving til the very end. My Mom got it in her mind that she had to have a chocolate lab, so we got her one for her 75th birthday. She was a beautiful pup, and Mom loved her, although she couldn’t do much with her. She loved playing with my brother’s dog Sushi-also gone now- and together they delighted in tearing up my Dad’s back yard, digging holes and eating persimmons off of his trees. I swear that dog would eat the brick off the house if you let her, still, they loved her-we all did, and it was a sad job, yet we were willing to take her and spare my Dad and son that pain. Dave and I stayed with her as the Dr relieved her of her painful existence, petting her head and reassuring her that she was loved. She was eleven years old, crippled and riddled with cancer…we did the right thing. Bless her heart, luckily it only took about twenty seconds for her to cross that rainbow bridge, and as the tears streamed down my face, I thought that now she will be happy again, running through the fields of Heaven with Sushi and Chloe and all the other dogs we’ve had and lost, as that is the circle of life. Do dogs get to be with their people that have passed on? I don’t know the answer, but I’d like to think so. I can just picture Mom in her chair, Sophie with her head in her lap and Chloe on the other side of it,  Sushi laying at her feet, and all being right with their world.

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  1. Of course they join their family…I always hate to hear of someones long beloved dog passing, it brings tears to my eyes… She’s crossed the rainbow bridge and is playing with all the others and beside your mom! <3 <3

  2. I am sorry for the loss of Sophie… I shed a tear for you all, and also a remembrance tear for our Miss Mollie, who we put to sleep a couple years ago when the cancer we had been fighting for almost a year attacked her brain… I know she is waiting for us, and I will tell her to be looking for Sophie…

    1. That’s so nice and I’m sorry for your loss too. I can’t believe it affected me so profoundly, it was not even my dog, but we’d gotten closer …and death is sad at any time.

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