Day 220-Throwback Thursday-School Records

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Did any of you have one of those cute little school records books when you were growing up? You know, the kind with a pocket for each page for storing your pictures, report cards and other important memorabilia? Lucky for me, I did. Since I have such a horrible memory, it is good for me to have something with names and dates that cannot be disputed on it.

I was thumbing through mine this morning and decided to pick a grade and see what was in the pocket. I discovered an invitation to a birthday party at my friend Donna Dilks house, all of my report cards and my pertinent information on the pocket cover, written in my own hand. Without that, I would not have remembered my height, weight and age in the 7th grade…would you?

School memory collage

I also noticed by checking out my report cards that (as I figured) I excelled in reading, spelling and choir, but not so great in the other subjects. I held a steady C in Tx history, B+ and C in math, B+ in English and mostly S’s across the board in conduct, but what is really sad is that I don’t remember my teachers except for choir-maybe if I saw a picture. I remember jr. high being a transition period. Not a baby anymore, but not yet mature enough to be considered “worthy” or credible. It was an awkward, scary time…but fun too. I started making friends (and one enemy-that I know of), found out girls can be bullies and other girls will always have your back.

I couldn’t tell you what happened in each class or each grade of jr high, but having my little record book may help jog another memory or two. Do you recall your school years with clarity? I’d love to hear your stories. I’m going to be turning 56 this weekend and the fact that my memory is so awful already has me wondering if I permanently damaged my brain when I was younger and spent a couple of wild years in the Army, if I have early onset Alzheimers or just poor recall. I think there are some kind of exercises you can do to sharpen your recall, I may just have to look into that. What I have heard that helps is rosemary, I should go get my bottle and take a whiff, or go pinch some off of my plant on the patio, maybe it would help! You can get some from Veriditas online or wherever they sell it in retail stores.

Well, I hope you all have a great Thursday, I have been working on my story for the next in the series of Angels of Arvada, I will see you all tomorrow, on the patio!

3 Replies to “Day 220-Throwback Thursday-School Records”

  1. The last time I tried, I could name every teacher from first grade through high school. I haven’t tested myself on college profs. I don’t think they were as memorable, at least the ones outside my major. I’ve always had a good memory and have no reason to doubt it yet. Try not to worry about yours. It must be a gift, and some have better memories than others. There isn’t anything to do about it, I wouldn’t think. You are probably fantastic at other things that matter a great deal more.

  2. Many kudos to your mom for making sure that you had these kind of memories! I never had records like that. Middle school was not a joyous occasion for me as I was diagnosed in 6th grade, was quiet, and made fun of a lot. Things got tons better for me in high school! Maybe if I would have had a record book I could remember better memories! Rolling on, Stephanie

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