day 221-Flash Fiction friday-Angels of Arvada Part 2-Isolation

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Luckily, Amanda was a work from home mom, doing some part-time transcription and working on her novel when she had time. Still, life was going to get pretty boring and lonely for the next few weeks, with no place to go and nothing to look at but each other and the inside of this cabin.

She pacified Ethan with a drink and a coloring book while she sat at the breakfast nook to figure out a plan for the weeks ahead. She tried to stay calm and not panic at the thought of the complete isolation, her best friend lived thirty minutes away, maybe she could at least call her for some company. Not right now though, she poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down with her planner.

As she tried to devise a schedule, her mind drifted to the last time she actually had company, it had been awhile. She and Ethan made due just fine most of the time and she was used to the schedule they worked from. Once a week, she got a break when he attended Mommy’s Day Out, a program at the church they went to. She usually didn’t even notice the lack of company or the fact that hardly anyone from her family or Anthony’s ever came to visit. She didn’t understand why Anthony’s folks never came over, Ethan was their grandchild after all. Maybe it was too soon, Anthony had only been gone six months now, and Amanda herself had not grown accustom to the fact he was really gone.

When Amanda had gone into town, she saw some of the preppie moms shopping at the same places, they always stared at her like she was a troll or something. While she was no model, she did have long, shiny black hair…it was the American Indian in her, high cheekbones and great skin. She never needed makeup, had an olive skin tone and actually stayed pretty fit, even though her job required a lot of sitting. She didn’t need them anyway, she just needed her friend Kate and her boy and she would get along just fine. That’s what she told herself anyway.

She realized she hadn’t written a word and got busy, figuring what the meals would be, based on what she had just picked up from the store. She also needed to try and pick up another client, her funds were getting pretty low. Anthony had not left her much to live on and bills to pay, but at least she was managing ok so far. If she could just pick up another writing job of some kind or a transcription client, she would have no trouble making ends meet. Maybe she could pencil in more time to work on the novel too. Once she got that written and published, maybe all their dreams could come true.

She doesn’t worry too much about being indoors for a while because she loves their little cabin, she is crafty and has it decorated just to her liking. She loves Mexican pottery and art, and utilizes all her space with shelves and seating, brings the outdoors in with plants and usually has something wonderful smelling diffusing into the air. When she’s creating, she likes to have the smell of bergamot, it helps her feel worthy and calm. When she is working hard, or working out, she wants to feel invigorated and diffuses lemon or peppermint…this is how she and Ethan stay well too. She can’t afford for him to get sick, it is too far to town and the nearest hospital is fourty five minutes away. Besides, he is accustomed to the smells of the house and knows no different. Lots of the essential oils she diffuses have medicinal, cleansing properties, like eucalyptus and frankincense…they haven’t been sick in years.

Amanda actually finds herself calming down, now that she has found a purpose for the next few days, her planner done, she decides to tidy up the kitchen and take things out for lunch, she’ll make some comfort food for Ethan and settle in for a very secluded few days. Grill cheese and soup, he will love that she thinks, but then Ethan wanders in and asks what can he do to help. Such a sweet child, they really had raised him right so far. “Can you check the fire and let Mommy know if I need to add another log?” “Sure Mommy.” By the time he re-enters the room, she has made their lunch and decided to call her friend later and let her know she’s ok at least. She looks at Ethan and says, “Lets go eat lunch, read a story and cuddle on the couch for a while.” Once he’s down for the evening, she plans on a glass of wine and her phone-a-friend, it might just be the lifeline she needs right now…

What do you think so far? I’d love your feedback and/or questions. Stay tuned for the next installment next Friday. 🙂

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  1. Great job! You have my attention asked the story can take on several different directions. Which way will you go? I looked very forward to seeing what takes place in Arcadia! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Thanks Steph, the way it’s going in my head is for her to meet someone and eventually help another when she adopts a disabled child on a random trip to Mexico. 😊

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