Day 223-Free Days-Dinner & A Birthday

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All my birthday cards displayed on my mantel

It’s been a lovely, albeit, cool day for my 56th birthday and I have enjoyed it very much. David cooked me a spaghetti dinner and Bubba & Connie brought wine and cheesecake…from the Cheesecake Factory-Red Velvet! Claudette brought salad and my Dad brought an additional bottle of wine. No, I didn’t sit around and get smashed, there’s wine in the fridge and I had my spaghetti sauce over zucchini noodles. I will admit, I could not pass up the cheesecake, but could not eat a whole piece. It was heavenly, what I did eat.

I took a selfie with my Dad while we were playing pool, it was our first and he giggled a bit when I took it.

My Dad and I

He gave me a heartfelt card and some money (always appreciated) and we played several games of pool with my brother and the boys.

My brother Kevin

I got a call from my son in Ohio (not prompted by his Dad in any way 😉) and that was nice. My sister-in-law brought me a gift card and some bath bombs, Dad and Sean gave me cards and money and Chris, Claudette and Kevin brought me nice cards. My friend Michelle gave me a card and a beautiful bracelet from James Avery. What wonderful friends and family I have. I appreciate it all and couldn’t ask for anything more.

I think I’m still in shock from yesterday’s news about the death of my former boss and my thinking is not clear yet. I hope I didn’t leave anyone or anything out. Oh, I got many well wishes and happy birthdays on Facebook too! My hubby and I sat around in our pjs all morning and then went to the store to buy spaghetti fixings along with our regular weekly provisions. We enjoyed drinks and snacks last night and I would say my birthday weekend has been very nice all the way around.

I’m hoping my focus will be laser sharp for tomorrow’s post,  join me then will you?

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  1. Happy birthday, Kim! You like like your Dad and you didn’t even have to caption that your brother was in this post too. You guys look a lot alike as well. I am glad a good time was had!

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