Day 227-Throwback Thursday-Meet Kaye

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My Best Friend, Kaye

This is Kaye Wood, she’s my best friend, the one who has stuck with me for over twenty years, through thick and thin. We live an hour away from each other, yet we hardly ever see each other any more. We do talk on the phone and keep up on social media. She just lost her dad. It’s been and continues to be a rough year for death in the family. It has touched mine and many of my friends, is it do to us aging, I don’t know.

This pic must have been taken in the eighties, look at those specs, and the feathered hair. I bet we were at the skating rink for one of our kids birthday parties-then again, it might be the nineties and this is a night club…ugh my dang memory!

Kaye and I met when we moved into our first NRH home back when she and I were in the second grade. I still remember running up to meet her over our back fence, swinging and singing in my back yard and staying up til all hours if the night (once we were older) playing acey duecy on her backgammon set. We have shared so much with each other over the years, heartbreak, joy, sadness, elation and we have both known the pain of losing a parent now. (she has lost both of hers) We raised kids and compared notes. I saw her get married and divorced and remarried. She has seen me stay true to my man for over thirty years now. It makes no difference to our friendship, we just share our experiences.

We love each other like sisters, even when we haven’t seen each other for months. I love her smile and her laugh and the way she tells it like it is. I don’t know what it is she loves about me but there must be something for our friendship to have lasted as long as it has. I met Kaye as Kaye Polson, one of six kids that I grew up next door to. They all had names that started with K-Karl, Kaye, Kerry, Kim, Kris and Kent. Their parents were Georgia and Marv (George and Marv to us), and they were in the medical field. George was a nurse and Marv was a chiropractor. Maybe that influenced my decision to work in the medical field, who knows? All I know is that they took good care of us and all of our boo boos.

Who’s to say what private joke we were sharing in this pic? It was funny, whatever it was, and I snapped it just in time to catch that genuine smile! I just thought you’d like to meet the girl who’s been my friend since I was seven years old, so you can appreciate her like I do. She helped me get through losing my mom, and listens to all of my problems without judging me or trying to change me. I love her and will be her friend til the end!

Join me back here tomorrow for Flash Fiction Friday and the next installment of the series Angels of Arvada-Rescued! I hope to see you all and have a happy Thursday!



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  1. It’s hard to keep friends from elementary school, usually someone moves and you make new friends.. and you forget about the old, we moved around so much when I was young, it wasn’t until grade 5 I made life long friends….that’s awesome you’ve stayed so close!
    Sorry haven’t been around, life got pretty busy, I feel bad missing your posts 🙁

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