Day 228-Flash Fiction Friday-Angels of Arvada-Part 3-Rescued!

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Amanda wakes to the sound of a gunshot, or was that what it was? It’s been two almost two months and panic has begun to set in. Her nightly glass of wine has become two or three and her head is currently feeling somewhat foggy as she stumbles off the couch to see what the noise was. Ethan walks in from his bedroom and looks at her, bleary eyed himself. “What are we eating for breakfast Mommy?” he innocently asks. Amanda throws her hand up as if to say “not now” and walks to the window to look out over the snow. She can see a little bit more now that the snow has melted some…there, she thought she saw a flare from a flare gun fall from the sky.

“I’m hungry Mommy” Ethan states and Amanda wheels on him without thinking, yelling “Be quiet for a sec, did you not hear the gun fire outside?’ He looks at her and nods dejectedly. As he sidles up to her leg, she reaches down to pat his head and apologizes. “I’m sorry honey, let mommy see if I can connect with whoever is out there. We really need to get out, or get some supplies in right now.” Together, they start slapping on the window to see if they can attract the attention of the person who fired the gun. Soon she thinks she hears him calling to her.

As the time has passed, they have been eating and drinking up most of the supplies she had bought, and although she has been working, there has been no way to get out to go get more. Making money doesn’t matter, she realizes, unless you can get it and use it. She has banked quite a bit in two months, but has no way to get to it until they are free of the cabin. Now there might be a chance to get out of here and she is prepared to take it.

“Hello?” she hears from outside the window. “Hello!!” she screams from her side, Ethan screaming with her. She starts banging harder and then runs to the front door to see if she can budge it yet. “Ethan, stay at the window in case he can see you.” “OK, Mommy” Ethan stands on the window seat and continues to bang away. Amanda tries the door and it opens just a hair, she pushes frantically and starts hollering through the crack, “Help, help us! My five year old and I have been trapped in here for two months now! Can you hear me?” She motions for Ethan to be quiet and listens hard for a moment. “Senorita?” comes the faint reply. “Yes, yes, we are here,” Amanda yells and starts pushing on the door again.