Day 231-Motivational Monday-Write it Down!

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I swear this is what I was going to recommend everyone do this morning, and then I found this quote! Perfect!

Today is the first day of Spring and soon we will be organizing, cleaning and generally getting ourselves geared up for the summer months. For me that means making lists, because I can’t remember yesterday, so I must write everything down! I have notebooks full of material too, classes I’ve taken, notes from webinars and homework from courses. The most important thing I wrote down though is my How To Become a Freelance Writer list of steps. I look back on this list whenever I need a kick in the pants to keep me on track.

If I didn’t write things down, I would be lost. I have so many note pads full of notes, however, that now I need to organize those!!

I waited until tonight to finish my blog so anyone interested would find out how my visit with the ENT went. I’ll tell you, after waiting for an hour and fourty five minutes he spent four minutes with me, just to hand me off to  another doctor! Ok, in all seriousness, he told me I need a hearing test and I might have a condition I can’t even pronounce-which there’s a clinic for, btw. Ugh! But, at least maybe after next week, I’ll have an answer to why I can hear a flea fart on the moon, or why the slightest noise feels like an icepick piercing my eardrum!

Oh, and in case anyone else wants to know how to become a freelance writer, ask me about the steps in the comments!

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  1. I wanted to ugh right there with you instead of like, but there is not a button to do that! Good grief, he did not give you any tips or anything to do in the meantime? Glad you only have to wait a week, but still! I wonder if you can put an essential oil or something in there and that would help? Or maybe you want to keep it raw so that when the doctor looks at it he can tell you exactly what you need. Good grief on the wait time! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Thanks girl, I know right? Yeah, I wouldn’t put essential oils in there until or unless I had a Dr recommendation. I’ve been dealing this long, one more week won’t kill me. đŸ˜¬

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