Day 234-Throwback Thursday-Our First Place

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My middle son Josh at about 6 months old

Oh, there are so many fun things to say about this photo! First off, will ya just take a gander at that lovely carpet! How did we live with that day, after day?? Kinda makes ya feel like you’re in a casino or something lol!

Then there’s our little bowling ball, Joshua, from when he was about six months old. Isn’t he the cutest? Can you tell it was Easter?? How about that monster tv in the background? Hahahaha! How did we even see that thing? Oh, I’m cracking up right now. Even broke people have bigger tvs nowadays.

Next up is the fabulous paneling on the wall, followed by the plywood entertainment center the tiny tv is resting on. Hey, we literally barely had a pot to piss in, so we were doing pretty good at this point. I found us this little gem for like $375 a month or something, it still beat apartment living, rats and all. Weird thing is, I can’t even remember if it was a 1/1 or a 2/1 because this is the only room I can really remember. I must have blocked the rest out.

Guess what? I actually believe it was Christmas, even though there are toys out for Halloween and Easter, only because the next picture in my pack shows Josh looking at the tree and presents. Thank goodness we took pictures, even if we forgot to write on the backs of them, or I would have hardly any memories of this hellhole we called home for six months. Maybe it was closer to a year, because when we moved into the Haltom City house, I was just about ready to have Christopher.

You can barely see it, but we had a baby gate up to keep Josh from crawling into the nasty kitchen, we hardly went in there ourselves. It was bad. Rats had set up shop in the stove and we refused to try and clean that out. We just used a microwave and toaster oven, if it couldn’t be cooked in there, we didn’t eat it. We tried to catch the beasts one time, and the damn thing took the trap and ran for greener pastures I guess. Another time, we were innocently watching our tiny tv and a mouse came into the living room like he owned the place! I will say it was probably because of all the open field in the back, which is long gone now. Houses went up all around that area after we moved away.

Even with all that, Dave, Josh and I (along with our chow dog Milo) were very cozy and happy little family in this house for the little time we lived here. That was 30 years ago and it was dilapidated then, would you believe IT STLL STANDS TODAY??? I know, shocker right? I guess some people will live in anything. 😉

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  1. My first husband and I lived in this efficiency apt when he was in the Navy. It was condemned when we moved out! Was so glad my mother never came to visit us there!! Ahhh memories ❤

    1. That’s funny! Yea, I don’t remember my parents visiting at that house either…lol!
      Thank you so much for reading, please share with your friends so I can grow some new followers. 🙂

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