Day 238-Motivational Monday-Why You Should Stick To Your Routine

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Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a safe night and did not wake up to damage caused by last night’s storms.

Do you have and stick to a daily routine? I know that if I veer too far away from my own, I start slacking off, things go undone and in the end, I will not accomplish my goals.

I checked out an article on The Spruce and they did an interview with Dr Heidi Grant Halvorson who is a social psychologist, speaker and author of the book Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals. According to Dr Halvorson;

Q: How specific should people be when establishing goals?

A: Being specific with your routine is important because if your plan is too vague, they tend to never get acted on.

Q: Should you log daily progress?

A: Monitoring your progress is important because you need to have a pretty good idea how well you’re doing with respect to your goals in order to stay motivated, and to know when to try a new approach because the one you are using isn’t working. Using a calendar or journal is a good way to keep track of your goals.

Q: What if your routine includes something you don’t want to do, like jogging?

A: Reframe the activity in terms of the “bigger picture” goal it is serving. So like jogging is being done to help you stay healthy or lose weight. Thinking in those terms why you’re doing something unpleasant can give you a real motivational boost.

Q: How long does it take to establish a new habit?

A: There’s no way to know exactly because it depends on many factors, a person’s distractions, personality, how complicated the new behaviors are etc. Good news is, keep it up and it will eventually become a habit which will absolutely get easier over time.

Q: Do you recommend checklists for routines?

A: Both checklists and if-then plans (if I am in situation x, then I will do action y) make remembering things a lot easier.

My own routine is usually to get up as soon as I wake up, if I allow myself to go back to sleep, there goes time I could have used to get something done. Go make coffee, feed the dogs and get to work in the office. If it’s a work day, I work until time to get ready to go to work. If not, I work a few hours, stop to eat, then get back to it. I do make myself take breaks and/or run errands. This is how it has to be until I reach my goals. I am more efficient and productive in the mornings, in the afternoon, there are too many distractions. That’s not to say I never get work done in the afternoons/evenings, its just more likely earlier in the day.

Knowing yourself and what you want to achieve will keep you motivated to stick to your routine. If I make a new goal, to get more toned for instance, I will set a new routine of exercise to try and reach that goal faster. I could fit in a walk three times a week in the afternoon for example. Even a 30 minute walk is better than nothing and gets me closer to my goal of toning my legs.

I hope I’ve helped you answer the question, if you have more or any suggestions to share, please leave a comment!

Join me tomorrow when I share for MET-My Essay Tuesday and I’ll see you all then, on the patio. 🙂


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  1. I don’t have a routine anymore. Everything gets done whenever it gets done. The closest I come is going online about the same time every day to check email, the bank, and my blog. Other than that I am ready for anything anytime.

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