Day 239-MET-I Got My Ears Checked

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Today is the day I finally find out why my ears are so sensitive, why any small noise in the morning feels like an icepick through my eardrum (mainly the left) and why with all that, I find it difficult to hear the tv if there is significant background noise-like my husband washing dishes in the kitchen or just talking to me.

My appointment was at ten this morning, and this is what we found out. First, I had a hearing test. That went well, small amount of hearing loss but nothing major. No surprise, since I listen(ed) to rock music and went to concerts when I was younger. Also, being in the military, I was subjected to lots of loud noises- guns, grenades, trucks and airplanes-I was close to all of that. Plus, I actually sat inside of speakers at a club when I was in Korea. Smart, I know. So that answers why I’m slightly hard of hearing in certain situations.

The next part, I’m a little confused about. While she said it was a real issue thatย I’m having, she said it will take a long time to fix it, no medicine will, its more of a retraining my ears to not be affected by the noises based on the time of day it occurs and my frame of mind at the time. What?? Not sure I get it, but she sent me home with spreadsheets to record and document this information. She will check my results in a few weeks and come up with a treatment plan based on my answers.

To me, it almost sounds as if she’s saying it’s an emotional problem. She even asked if I’d ever seen a psychiatrist. Evidently, stress is a huge factor in patients who deal with this problem. I told her my stress is usually of my own making but she said it all matters and me getting emotional about not having a better way to deal with it, is normal. I was really hoping for some magic ear drops or something that would make it all stop, that’s just not the case. She said I’m not crazy, she has lots of patients in the same situation as me. Wow. I have to say, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, its painful, annoying and frustrating, all at the same time.

I will keep you posted on the outcome a few weeks from now, if I can follow through with the proper documentary requirements. It seems silly to me to get out of bed and write down what noises are currently bothering me and how I feel about it while it’s happening, but we will see. The condition is called hyperacusis by the way and some level of tinnitus, even though my ears don’t ring. At least I got some peace of mind finding out that there’s no physical reason for it, like a perforated eardrum, yet now I’m left wondering if I’m not simply losing it. I hope not. ๐Ÿ˜‰




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  1. Hey Kimmy! Glad you finally went to the Doc. I just had a thought. Just this minute. The drug store sells NUMBING drops for your ears. I remember getting them for my son when he was little. The drops help with pain. What do you think about that???? I think it’s a wonderful idea myself. No pain when you are hearing noise. YIPPEE!!!! Walgreens or a CVS type store will have them. PLEASE check this out. I just know it will be helpful.

  2. My husband is like that also Kim, he can’t stand the sound of a small 3 inch by 3 inch clock in the bedroom, say’s it sounds like a ticking time bomb! He is also a light sleeper, Oh, and don’t get him started on the Robins singing in the morning!
    I hope she can help you…and then you can suggest how to help my hubby! ๐Ÿ˜‰ T.

  3. I do not really know what to say other than everything happens for a reason. Many prayers for peace and comfort to encompass your ears!! Love you bunches!! Rolling on, Stephanie

  4. sounds like you will need to use biofeedback in order to “retrain” those ears. My brother-in-law had a painful sort of stabbing pain right before a sort of “deafening” (for lack of a better word. He described it as a sort of whooshing sound and it was difficult to figure out what each sound was that he was hearing. Hubby had to go through it too after he came home from desert storm. it took about two months for the BIL and three for George to lose the sound and hear clearly. More than likely what you are hearing are your own internal noises..the sound of blood and lymph flowing. It happens to people who are around loud noises, especially sudden loud noises, like that gunfire or bazookas….lol. The VA has a hearing center, I think in arlington. Can you use them?

    1. I never thought about that, I am a vet, so I guess I could. We have ins. thank goodness, so I’ll go ahead and try her method first. I don’t hear sounds, I have pain with noise. I’m over sensitive to sound in my left ear, what my husband does getting ready in the morning sound 10x louder than it should in that ear.

  5. Drops or pills or SOMETHING would have been nice! I’m so sorry she didn’t have an instant magic cure for you. Hopefully the documentation will soon become habit, and it won’t bother you to do it. I’m praying for you.

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